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Inspiring Words from New York Event Planner Ketty Contreras

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Meet Ketty Contreras from Ketty Delights!

New York event planner Ketty Contreras is a woman with a plan. With an education and nearly twenty years of experience, Ketty has paved her own road to success. Her company, Ketty Delights, plays double duty as both a catering and event planning company! (Follow Ketty Delights on Facebook or Instagram!) The double threat of superior catering and event decor is in such high demand that Ketty is poised to expand her operation further into the US.

We were lucky enough to score and interview with Ketty as she gears up for this pivotal moment in her career. Ketty’s words of wisdom and inspiring attitude are nothing short of delightful!


Our Interview with the Prominent New York Event Planner

CV LINENS: Good Afternoon Ketty! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

KETTY CONTRERAS: I am Ketty Contreras. I have the pleasure of doing what I love…art. I am the owner, Lead Decorator, and Head Chef of Ketty Delights.


CV: How long have you been in the event planning and catering industry?


KC: In 1997 I attended and graduated from the New York Restaurant School/AI Culinary Institutes and studied Nutrition at Bronx Community College. Upon graduating, I had the pleasure of working at several well-known restaurants including the Hotel Plaza Athene in New York City. This is where I developed skills that eventually lead me to a career as a caterer and event planner.

I started my business approximately 9 years ago. My event planning and catering company is called Ketty Delights. I also work as a private chef for special clients. I am very proud of operating my own business. I plan to expand into other states soon!


CV: You have a very unique position as a successful caterer as well as an event planner. What do you think has been your key to your success?

KC: I believe the key to success is to stay focused and passionate!


CV: Has being trilingual (English/Spanish/Italian) proven to be a useful skill set as an event planner/caterer?

KC: Yes! Being trilingual has helped me communicate with clients in several occasions and several countries. (Because I am trilingual) I have planned events in Italy and the Dominican Republic as well as NYC.


CV: New York has a high saturation of event planners. How do you set yourself apart from the competition?

KC: This industry is very competitive, but every human being on earth is gifted in a different way. We all have the opportunity to create and reproduce something unique and beautiful. I believe in helping others succeed, because their glow is part of your happiness.


CV: What is your favorite part of your job as a New York Event Planner?

KC: I love seeing my clients reaction when they walk through the venue’s doors and into my creations. I truly love what I do!


CV: Could you tell us about one of your favorite events you have ever decorated or catered?

KC: I have created various events that have lead me to tears of joy. My most emotional event was one that I created for a very close friend who is battling cancer. She was very happy with the outcome of her 50th birthday party I had designed for her!


CV: What is the most difficult part of your job?

KC: Managing a business is difficult. There is a lot of stress, paperwork, meetings, staff members, planning, vendors, and manual labor to do before, during, and after each event.


CV: Why do you choose CV Linens for your decor needs?

KC: I’ve chosen CV Linens as my provider for my decor because they have all linens for both my decor and catering business. I also use pipe sets, drapes, napkins, and charger plates. I love CV Linens’ fast and reliable delivery service.


CV: What are your favorite items from CV Linens?

KC: I use my pipe set for every event I do! I use it for both decor as well as catering. I also love all my Glitz Sequin Tablecloths and Spandex Chair Covers. I can’t leave home without them!


CV: Do you have any tips or professional advice for aspiring caterers or event planners?

KC: The best advice I have for someone starting their business is to first discover their exact passion, limitations, and capacity. Create a plan and put together a team willing to follow your passion and ideas. Stay focused doing what you love. Don’t worry about others.


Thank you, Ketty! Best of luck in branching out your business. We can’t wait to see what you will do next!


New York Event Planner

We hope you have enjoyed our words of wisdom by New York Event Planner Ketty Contreras of Ketty Delights! To book an event with Ketty Delights visit You can see more from Ketty on Facebook or Instagram!

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