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Head Table or Sweetheart Table: Which is Right for You?

Sweetheart Table vs. Head Table

Sweetheart Head Table Decor

Where you sit on your wedding day is up to you!

The question of Head Table vs. Sweetheart Table is essential to your wedding decor, especially when it comes to creating an extra special linen design. Don’t stress over which specialty seating arrangement to choose! One table option is not better than the other option, they are just different.


How to know what kind of table you should use...

Much the same as burlap on mason jars and dancing the Macarena, specialty tables are subject to wedding trends, too. As time has told, wedding trends are nothing stress over. We know you’re thinking “easy for you to say,” right?

We’ve created this handy flowchart to make this decision making a breeze so you can keep calm and plan on! Follow the twists and turns of the chart to find a quick, practical decision to your sweetheart table vs. head table dilemma.


Head Table vs. Sweetheart Table Flowchart Infographic

Let’s go over the chart in case you’re torn at a pivotal spot.


Do you have a wedding party?

This may sound like a no-brainer, however if your wedding party is super tiny give this question extra consideration. If your partner and yourself each have one attendant, do you really want to create a Head Table just for the four of you? If the answer is a resounding “Yes!” by all means, proceed on your the route to the Head Table! If the thought of sitting sandwiched between your bestie and your new spouse sounds awkward, just take the quick escape route to the Sweetheart Table. We will act like you were never here at all.


Does your wedding party have more than four attendants on each side?

A moderately sized wedding party makes for a more graceful Head Table than a large wedding party. If you have more than four attendants, you officially have a large wedding party on your hands! While a Head Table for a large wedding party can absolutely be done, you must tread lightly, and be conscientious.
A large wedding party means special considerations for space in your venue, not to mention a little more planning to keep the group unified. If you’re unsure about what is meant by being conscientious, picture being the 6th bridesmaid seated at the very end of the Head Table. Imagine being unable catch a piece of conversation, hear the toasts, and having the DJ’s PA blaring in your ears all night. No fun, right?
Before you commit to seating a large wedding party at a single Head Table remember, more people sitting together means trying to please more people at one time. Keep in mind it’s your special day, you shouldn’t have to worry about pleasing anyone but yourself.


Can your entire wedding party be seated together without being separated?

The keyword in Head Table is “table”, as in singular. The wedding party seated together in a rectangular table with fully decorated table linens and backdrops makes a strong statement. For the wedding guests, seeing the entire wedding party seated together is like seeing the stars of a movie they just watched hanging out together.  Seeing some of the wedding party with the newlyweds and the rest scattered about appears disjointed. Not to mention, there could also be the risk of hurt feelings among wedding party members not invited to sit with the newlyweds. If you cannot fit your entire wedding party together, you should forgo the Head Table option.


Is having your first meal together as a married couple important to you?

If stealing a romantic moment with your new spouse appeals to you, then a Sweetheart Table is your best bet for connecting with your beloved. There is no such thing as privacy when you are the center of attention, but you can definitely have take a second to check in with each other! Plus, the photo-ops of the two of you will be adorable.


We have a wealth of resources for decorating Sweetheart Tables and Head Tables! Check out our Pinterest or Instagram for table decor inspiration.

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