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How Many People Sit at a Round Table at a Wedding?

So, you are getting married and can't wait for the big day to come? Getting married brings a lot of excitement for couples. You are looking forward to spending the rest of your life with your significant other. However, planning a wedding comes with a lot of decision-making about the big day. One of the most important decisions is the choice of the reception venue and the event decor.

wedding reception venue

The wedding decor is very important as having an awesome design in the venue keeps both the bride and groom feeling on top of the world at that moment. When trying to create a beautiful landscape for the wedding venue, the first detail that should be chosen is the wedding tables. Reception tables are very important as they determine the seating arrangement and bear the beautiful and colorful linens, floral arrangements, and centerpieces.

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Circular or Round Wedding Tables

Circular or Round wedding tables seem to be the most popular wedding table options available for receptions these days. They fit into any indoor or outdoor wedding style thereby making them versatile and able to seat a varying number of guests depending on how intimate you want the arrangement to be.

Wedding reception with round tables

They also accommodate shorter floral arrangements and centerpieces that won't block guests from conversing with each other thereby allowing guests to mingle. Also, round tables allow you to go for any desired tablecloth size as round tablecloths are easily found in the market. With the right circular wedding seating arrangement, you can give all your guests a good view and the ultimate wedding experience.

Round Table Sizes

Table sizes for wedding reception tables come in different sizes depending on the number of guests you want sitting at each table. Your choice would be based on the style you are looking to create, the table decor, and the catering service. The following are the round reception table sizes available and the seating capacity.

Here are our quick notes on different table sizes to help you plan how many wedding tables and chairs you can put inside your venue. This also comes in handy when coming up with your wedding table chart.

Wedding reception with round tables white them
Outdoor wedding reception with round tables
Outdoor wedding reception by the lake with round tables
Round table wedding reception bird's eye view
Overlooking wedding reception with round tables
Wedding reception with round tables white and gold theme

24-inch round tables: these have a seating capacity of 2-3 guests. These are not usually offered by rental companies as they cater to few guests.

36-inch round tables: they can accommodate 4 guests comfortably while following social distancing protocols. These work for intimate receptions as it offers a cozy atmosphere.

42-inch round tables: these can fit 5 chairs around the table comfortably in wedding receptions. 

48-inch round tables: with these, you can seat between 5-6 guests round the table. 

54-inch round tables: these fit 6-7 guests comfortably at wedding receptions.

60-inch round tables: this is a standard and the most popular round table size that rental companies offer for wedding receptions and they can seat up to 8 guests comfortably. You could increase the number to 10 but this makes the space cramped out and social distancing protocols are broken this way.

So, it's best to keep the number at a maximum of 8 for this table size. Keeping the number of guests at 6 provides more space and allows guests to turn their chairs towards the stage or the couple. You also want to make sure there is elbow room and the space is comfortable when guests are eating. Also, guests should be able to slide their chairs under the table with this sizing.

72-inch round tables: these are the largest round tables offered by rental companies. They have a seating capacity of between 10-12 guests and are ideal for wedding receptions. The number can be pushed higher here also but this makes the space cramped up for guests and restricts their mobility.

Wedding reception with round tables colorful theme

Keeping the number at 10 persons per table is best for a wedding reception. This way guests will be able to turn their chairs towards where the action is happening. Eating is also more comfortable as there is more elbow room for everyone seated at the table. Chairs can also be slid in comfortably with this sizing option. Your table looks its best with fewer seats and smaller floral arrangements. Keep this in mind when coming up with your wedding table plan.

There are also smaller-sized round tables that can be used as cake tables at a wedding reception.

Wedding reception cake round table
Wedding reception round table for cake

The standard round tables offered by rental companies for receptions are the 60-inch and 72-inch round tables. They are the most popular options as they allow you to seat between 6 and 10 people comfortably which is very nice. 

With this number of seats, guests can do whatever they want at their tables comfortably. Also, food service is easier when the space is not cramped up so they are suitable for family-style meals at receptions.

Knowing the size of the wedding tables you’re working with also helps you decide on your tablescape decor. Knowing the right centerpiece to table size ratio will help you decide on the right decor to adorn your tables with. 

For 60 inch round tables, you can opt for centerpieces with a diameter of 4 to 6 inches. If you’ve got multiple decor pieces for your table, you can choose to spread it out to make the arrangement look larger and well integrated into your tablescape.

For 72 inch tables, you can go for tall or short centerpieces with a diameter of 5.5 to 6 inches. You can opt  for circular or square shaped arrangements for your centerpiece to mirror your round tables. 

U-shaped Table Seating

If round tables and circular seating isn’t your thing, there are other options for your wedding reception.

Another way to arrange your guests’s table assignment is to use U-shaped wedding table  seating. Also known as horseshoe seating, this basically means arranging your tables to form a letter “U” shape. 

Commonly used in classroom settings, this seating arrangement can also work well at parties maximizing your event space. This seating arrangement is best for groups with 30 people or less.

The open space in the middle of the U shape ensures everyone gets a good view of the event. They can even see and hear all other party guests.

A top tip in coming up with a wedding seating plan using U-shaped seating, place your bride, groom, their parents, or other important people at the front ends of the U-shaped arrangement. This will draw people’s attention to them and will instantly give them a spotlight.

T-shaped Table Seating

Another seating alternative is the T-shaped table set-up. This reception style has two tables positioned into a letter T. You can have one long skirted table placed right in the middle of the event venue for floral arrangements, decor, and refreshments. The other table is placed perpendicular to it to create a T-shape.

This table seating arrangement can be a little tricky to work with. When planning your wedding seating chart, you may want to consider who gets seated next to whom. 

This table seating is best for event venues with limited space. They work best for small and narrow venues by maximizing the space in the middle. 

Styling Options for your Wedding Tables

Once you’ve got your table seating finalized, it's time to dress them in your best party linens. We’ve got a host of options for you to choose from. 

For formal dinner banquets you can opt for deep jewel-toned colors or metallic tablecloths. You can dress your tables in red velvet tablecloth paired with some gold sequin table runner

For summer weddings, you can opt for brighter and bolder color choices with our yellow round tablecloth and mint green tablecloth. Put some statement pieces with some burnt orange napkins or sage green linen napkins

Enjoy your Wedding Party with the Right Table Seating

Planning your wedding can be quite a challenge. Now that we’ve talked about the different table seating options you’re well on your way to coming up with a seamless wedding seating chart for your guests. 

Have your guests enjoy this once in a lifetime occasion with the right seating arrangement and the most glamorous table settings you can come up with. 

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