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Why You Need a Red Round Tablecloth Before Christmas

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How a Red Round Tablecloth Can Transform Your Christmas Decor

If you’re going to invest in only one tablecloth for Christmas, make it this one!

I have been waiting to use this Apple Red round tablecloth in Sequin Embroidery Taffeta all year! Anytime I would spy this beauty in our inventory, I forced myself not create an apple red tablescape right away. “Wait until Christmas!” I would continually remind myself.

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to present this stunning apple red round tablecloth!

Make Sweet Snowmen with an Apple Red Round Tablecloth

‘Tis the season to breakout this adorable (yet refined!) Christmas look. The sequined tablecloth gives this look a touch of sophistication. The precious snowman dinner plate decor is perfect for children and those young at heart!

The Color Palette

The traditional red and green color palette is the driving force behind this Christmas tablescape. This look takes on the classic Christmas palette by substituting a traditional red and green with a more luxurious apple red and emerald green!

Fabric Choices

To create a more decadent take on a Christmas decor, opt for fancier fabrics. Instead of using a basic polyester red round tablecloth, add some sparkle with the sequined spots of a Sequin Embroidery Taffeta Tablecloth! Give your yuletide color palette an upgrade from mundane red and green by using Christmasy Emerald Green Napkins with an Emerald Green Glitz Sequin Table Runner. Emerald is the best gorgeous green for a fantastic contrast against the apple red round tablecloth.

The Snowmen

Creating these precious snowmen could not be simpler! Position a small white bread plate or saucer directly above a white dinner plate to create the head and body of a snowman. Decorate your snowman with a napkin folded to fashion a scarf. Give your snowman a personality of its own with a spunky face featuring a carrot nose, Hershey’s Kisses buttons, and M&M eyes and mouth.

Use your silverware utensils to help your snowman sprout arms, and enjoy the magic!

Create Your Ideal Christmas Decor with A New Red Round Tablecloth

Are you in love with these adorable little snowmen? Let me know what you think of this look in the comments below!

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