New Arrivals: Fall Colors

New Arrivals: Fall Colors

For our new arrivals this week we’re going to throw it back to basics with some fresh solids we’re sure you’ll love!


New Fall Colors Introduction

Sangria Satin Tablecloth  Sangria Satin Tablecloth  Sangria Satin Chair Sash

Satin Sangria

If you keep up with our blog you’ll recognize this unique color instantly! A few weeks ago we wrote a New Arrival Wednesday post on an exciting, innovative color that had just arrived at CV Linens: Sangria. An absolutely stunning shade of red violet, Sangria is already a huge hit for Fall palettes! In addition to our 40 yard Satin Fabric Roll, we’ve added 120” Round Satin Tablecloths, 132” Round Satin Tablecloths, Wide Satin Chair Sashes, and Standard Satin Chair Sashes to the mix. Satin has a gorgeous sheen surface that beautifully reflects light to show off the unique draping of each piece, creating an elegant and romantic aura for your event. Satin is a versatile fabric that can be paired with any other solid or textured fabric and still maintain a cohesive look! Be sure to snag these pieces up as we anticipate them selling fast as Fall quickly approaches.


Chocolate Polyester Tablecloth  Chocolate Polyester Tablecloth  Chocolate Polyester Tablecloth

Chocolate Tablecloths in Polyester

Another great addition to our products for Fall is the expansion of our Chocolate Tablecloths! You’ll now be able to snag 60”x126” Rectangular Chocolate Tablecloths and Polyester Square 54″ Overlay to add to your cozy tablescape as you transition seasons. Polyester is an efficient and economical choice for a tablecloth; it can easily be used at weddings, trade shows, showrooms, events, or even your home! Made from 100% tough polyester, our polyester chocolate tablecloths are made from durable material that is easy to maintain. Pair with a textured Table Runner, such as our Organza or Pintuck, to elevate your look even further. Start getting inspired for your décor by checking out our Pinterest boards for Chocolate and Fall/Autumn!


Purple Taffeta Square Tablecloth  Pink Taffeta Square Tablecloth  Champagne Taffeta Square Tablecloth

Pink, Champagne, and Purple Taffeta

Don’t worry all of you bright and bold color lovers, not all the fun for new arrivals is directed towards the upcoming season! We now offer a new size of Taffeta Table Overlays, 72”x72”! Our featured colors in this perfect overlay size are Purple, Pink, and Champagne. Other Taffeta materials available in Purple are 120” Round Tablecloths, 132” Round Tablecloths, and 90”x156” Rectangular Tablecloths! Taffeta is the perfect fabric if you’re seeking a gorgeous matted-sheen look with a bit of rich texture mixed in. No matter your event theme, candle light, soft light, and spotlights are sure to make taffeta look chic and luxe. Pair our taffeta overlays with any of our Round or Rectangular Tablecloths for a spectacular look that will truly eye-catching.

We hope you love these new solids as much as we do! Let us know if there is a specific color you’d like to see us add for any of these fabrics.


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