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7 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Table Linen Colors

Choosing Wedding Table Linens


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Wedding Table Linen Colors Planning

Chances are there’s a sparkling new ring on your finger and a huge smile on your face, but you also have a lot of planning to do and it’s time to choose your wedding table linen colors. You want to make sure you tackle the basics first. Most note worthy is creating a guest list, booking a venue, finding a wedding theme, and choosing a color scheme. One of the most vital decisions you’ll make when planning your special day is choosing your wedding linen colors. The color scheme you choose will set the ambiance for your big day and will be incorporated into every piece of decor.
It may seem like every day leading up to your “I do’s” will be full of anticipation and vigorous planning. You may feel overwhelmed with all the new responsibilities that come with wedding planning, but there’s no reason to worry. This process doesn’t have to be stressful; planning your wedding one step at a time is key and will help keep your excitement alive and your mind sane! Luckily we have seven tips that’ll make choosing your wedding colors pleasant and easy.

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1. Good Vibes

Determine how you want your guests to feel at your wedding reception. Your table linen colors are the foundation of your wedding decor. Maybe you want to go with relaxing muted colors for an easy going vibe? Or maybe you want rich colors for a regal black tie event? Decide which colors make you feel happy and exude the ambiance you want at your wedding. Pick this as your primary table linen color.

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2. Seasons Greetings

It’s no secret that each season comes with a universally recognized color palette. Therefore, going with colors that are popular in the season you’re getting married is a great idea! These colors are strategically picked to pop and compliment that season. Looking at other seasonal weddings and color palettes is a great way to get inspired when you’re unsure what table linen colors or decor you want for your wedding day. Check out our Pinterest for seasonal boards to make the decision even easier. 

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3. Online Help

There are thousands of beautiful photos of wedding receptions on the internet for you to gather inspiration from. If you’re feeling a little uninspired or you need help narrowing your options, Instagram and Pinterest are a few of our go-to places for brainstorming. You can do searches by colors, themes, or decor you’re interested in. Chances are you’ll run into a color combination or scheme that you’ll fall in love with. As a result, this will help you determine what table linen colors and accent colors will work for you. 

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4. Venue Assets

When looking into what table linen colors to choose for your wedding you want to keep your event space in mind. What is it that attracted you to that venue? What features and attributes do you like and dislike? In addition, you want to focus on complimenting and accentuating the traits you like with corresponding wedding tablecloth colors.
For example, if you have an indoor venue with large windows you may want soft ivory or white for an illuminating look. On the other hand, if you have an outdoor venue lush with greenery you may want to keep things light and flow with blushes and light pinks. You can take a good look at your venue and play around with colors until you find one that you love!

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5. Use Accents That Make Sense

If you aren’t sure what you want as your primary color, think about if you know what accent colors you would like to have. Generally speaking, you usually want a metallic color like gold, rose gold, silver, or copper. Then, decide if you would like to go warm, cool, or neutral. What pairs well with the metallic color you chose? What color combination do you like? If you decide on gold as an accent and you want to add white or champagne, you may want another pop of color like blush or brown to round out your color palette. It doesn’t hurt to play around as much as you need to until you find your dream color selection!

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6. Decor Dreams

Another good approach you can take to figuring out what table linen colors best suit your wedding is the type of decor you would like to have. Maybe you’re not sure what color scheme you would like but you know you want a rustic wedding with wood slabs and burlap. Think of what colors complement that decor and look good on your linen tablecloth. Rustic weddings pair well with champagne, brown, gold, white, and blush due to the decor style and natural tones. This is something to pay attention to if there’s a certain decor style you’re interested in and will make picking your table linens a breeze!

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7. Get it, Test it, Try it

Swatches are a life saver! Let’s say you have an idea of what colors you would like for your wedding but you want to make sure you’re making the right choice. You can ask for swatches of the colors desired in different fabrics and find the color combination and fabrics that make you as excited as the day you said yes. The great part about having swatches is that you can take them to your venue and see how they look in that atmosphere, as well as hold it up to your dress, wedding decor, and more to make sure everything matches!

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Take Your Time Deciding to Find a Color Scheme You Love

It’s time to rejoice! You just took a huge step towards your dream wedding by thinking about and picking your wedding colors. Picking the right colors is an important element to creating the breathtaking wedding reception that you always pictured, just like making sure you pick the right material for your linen tablecloth and finding the perfect wedding dress. There’s a lot of aspects to keep in mind when making big decisions but with these tips and tricks making that choice should be a piece of cake. When that’s out of the way you can relax a little and admire that ring on your finger a little while longer now. We can’t wait to see you achieve your wedding decor dreams!

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