Two New Glitz Colors: Emerald & Willow

Two New Glitz Colors: Emerald & Willow

New Glitz Sequin Emerald and Willow Green Colors

Talk about love at first sight! I have been completely crazy about our new Glitz sequin colors Emerald Green and Willow since the first time I laid eyes on the samples last winter. After months of anticipation Emerald sequins and Willow sequins finally arrived earlier this month!

Emerald Sequins

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Our first glittering new Glitz shade is Emerald Green. The luscious, vibrant, richness of Emerald Green has me daydreaming of regal tablescapes with metallic and crystal accents. And, of course, the Wizard of Oz. Emerald green is the perfect color to bring in for fall and winter if you want a bold color that goes with the seasons but doesn’t seem out of place. Above we paired Emerald with Ivory Lamour Satin Round Tablecloth and Navy Glitz for a color scheme that’s becoming more and more popular with every season.


Willow Green


The second color we brought on to complete our green Glitz collection is Willow. Imagine creating a luxurious take on a Woodland theme with these twinkling moss hued tablecloths! Willow provides the perfect opportunity to mix earthy color palettes and event themes with a small touch of sparkle.

If you haven’t considered building a green-centric color palette for your wedding or special event decor now is definitely the time to put this color on your radar. Pantone has already named a deep green shade (Lush Meadow) as part of their Fall Collection and it’s almost a 100% match to our Emerald.

All signs point to late 2016 as the season to be seen in green, and (as always) we have your back with tablecloths, overlays, table runners, and more. I am so beyond excited to see your creations in all of their new gorgeous, green Glitz sequin glory!

What do you think of our new green Glitz? Are you team willow or team emerald? If you need help figuring out how incorporate green Glitz sequins into your decor I’m happy to help you out with a free design consultation. Aside from writing blogs it’s one of my favorite aspects of my job, so don’t be shy!


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