Even More Custom Glitz!

Even More Custom Glitz!

Glitz Sequin Table Runners and Overlays

There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” special event decor, which is why we have added new custom Glitz Sequin Table Runners and Table Overlays!


You may already be familiar with the level of craftsmanship that goes into our of our Custom Glitz items if you have experienced our Glitz Sequin Drapes and Backdrops. For those who haven’t tried a CV Linen’s Custom item, prepare to be impressed! Each custom item is handmade by our onsite. Every cut and stitch is expertly made by a seasoned Designer with a deep passion for fabric artistry- not mass produced by an assembly line. Love and care goes into step of piecing together your Custom Glitz Sequin items, ensuring your event decor is beautiful and will stand the test of time!If your tabletop craves an element of glamour and a standard table runner wont quite do. Try our new custom 18” Wide Glitz Sequin Table Runners or 54″x54″ Square Glitz Sequin Table Overlays. These sparkling beauties are available in a glittering assortment of rainbow colors made from our signature mini-sequins sewn onto our quality taffeta background, making your design choices virtually endless!


The only downside to our Custom Glitz Sequin Table Runners and Table Overlays? You have to move quickly, these items are limited edition and are only available while supplies last.


Already in love with our Glitz? Terrific! Our new Custom Glitz Sequins items are the perfect addition to your Glitz Sequin decor collection.


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