New Arrival: Iced Coffee/Mocha Satin Lamour Linens

New Arrival: Iced Coffee/Mocha Satin Lamour Linens

lamour satin cocktail table tablecloth iced coffee mochalamour satin cocktail table tablecloth iced coffee mocha

Mocha Lamour Satin Linens, New Arrivals

It’s a question I hear all of the time, and yet my answer rarely changes: “If I can only purchase one, basic, solid fabric for my special event, which one would you recommend?” I say the same thing every time, “I love Lamour Satin. What do you like?”

I have hints and tips for making any of your visions for your special event come true. However, if you truly do not have a preference, I am likely to reach for a tried-and-true material. Lamour Satin is guaranteed to look fantastic, simply stated I love Lamour Satin! For a few dollars more than basic Satin, you can dress your special event in a more luxurious linen! Lamour Satin has a matte feel and look while still keeping a little sheen. Am I being a little dramatic? Give Lamour Satin a whirl and decide for yourself.

The only thing better than our current Lamour Satin is more Lamour Satin options!

I am thrilled about our newest shade of Lamour Satin, Iced Coffee/Mocha. Picture coffee with milk, a golden brown color ready to dazzle as base linen or create an elegant statement as an accent color. If you are looking for something deeper than a typical Champagne tone, Iced Coffee/Mocha is the answer!

This week’s mock up is all about celebrating our latest stunning Lamour color. We tried to capture the majesty of Iced Coffee/Mocha Lamour in this cocktail table set up by draping the cocktail table with a Iced Coffee/Mocha Lamour Tablecloth, adding a Black Vintage Veil Overlay, and tying it with a Black Lamour Table Runner to give you an idea of what our new brown tone can do!

I have high hopes for Iced Coffee/Mocha, but true to form, my mind always travels back to the same thought: What do you think?

Your Take on Lamour Satin

Do you see Iced Coffee/Mocha in Lamour becoming the earthy, neutral ready to take its place next to Champagne, Silver, and Gold as a go-to neutral for special event color palettes for years to come? If you’re planning on decorating with Iced Coffee/Mocha we want to see the pictures! Send us your work via Facebook.

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