What Linen Sizes for Tables Should You Use?

Choosing the perfect tablecloth size can be challenging. Tablecloths come in a wide range of sizes, and not all of them will fit every table. A beautifully thought-out table linen can completely transform your space by adding color, warmth, and design. So, finding the proper size linen will ensure a polished look for your setting.

The guide will help you find the right size of tablecloth so that your setting looks great, whether you're enjoying a formal dinner or a wedding reception.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Linen Sizes


Here are several factors that you need to consider in selecting the right linen sizes for your tables:

Table Size and Shape

The size of your linen should match the dimensions of your table. Measure the length, width, and height of your table to determine the appropriate size for your tablecloths or runners. Take into account the size of your table, since a rectangle, round, square, or oval table will require a specific shape for a tablecloth.

Table Type

Dining tables, banquet tables, and cocktail tables all require specific linen sizes to get that desired swag and look. A formal table setting requires a floor-length tablecloth to create a drape, while a cocktail table will simply need an overlay and a tie for a gorgeous touch.

Occasion and Theme

Match your linen sizes for tables to your event and theme. Opt for larger linens with exquisite draping when setting up formal occasions such as weddings or galas. For casual table settings like outdoor parties, a looser, relaxed linen size is more practical and appropriate.

Common Linen Sizes for Different Tables

What linen size do I need for a 6-foot table?

A standard 6-foot rectangular table is commonly used in banquet settings. If you want a subtle overhang on either side, you will need a tablecloth measuring around 90" x 132”. You can also use a 60" x 120" linen to create a lap-length drape.

What is the suitable linen size for a 5-foot round table?

A 90" or 108" round tablecloth can be used to adorn a 5-foot round table, which is commonly used in smaller gatherings and intimate dinners. Opt for a 120" tablecloth if you aim for a lovely floor-length drape.

What size can be used for a 72-inch round table?

This table is utilized in event spaces or dining rooms. It requires a 132" round tablecloth for an elegant cascading effect or a 108" linen for a drop that reaches the seat level.

What is the table linen size for an 8-foot table?

When dressing an 8-foot rectangular table, you will need a 60" x 120" or a 90" x 156" linen, depending on the desired drape. A 120-inch would have a bit of an overhang while the 156-inch linen would usually reach the ground.

What linen size do I need for my cocktail table?

Cocktail tables are used during receptions or social gatherings. These call for a 120-inch or 132-inch round linen for a floor-length drop.

Tips for Properly Fitting Linens

It is important that your chosen linen sizes properly fit the tables to create a professional look. Here are practical guidelines to help you achieve a perfect fit:

1. Accurate Measurements

Measure your tables before purchasing table linens. Take into account the dimensions of each table to ensure you are buying the appropriate linens that you need. 

2. Consider Drop Lengths

Determine the drop length you desire for your tablecloths and settings. Drop length refers to the amount of fabric that you want to leave hanging over the edges of the table.

For formal events, it is ideal to let a tablecloth hang 30 inches over the edge of your table, brushing the floor.  A drop length of six to eight inches is suitable for casual dining.

3. Allow for Overhang

Make sure that the tablecloth size allows for appropriate overhang on all sides of your table. A slight overhang adds beauty to the setting while keeping the tablecloth from appearing too short.

4. Test Before the Event

Do a trial run with your chosen tablecloths draped over the tables to guarantee the correct fit. Make adjustments or replacements ahead of time to avoid last-minute issues.

Selecting the right linen size for your tables is crucial for achieving a polished and professional look for any occasion. By considering factors such as table size, shape, and occasion, you can ensure that your tablecloths or runners fit perfectly, enhancing the overall ambiance of your event.

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