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Amazing Advice from Louisiana Event Planner Jessica Fontenot

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Meet Louisiana Event Planner Jessica Fontenot of Extraordinary Events by Jessica

A few short years ago, Jessica Fontenot was happy in her career as Registered Nurse. Of course, even happy people have dreams. Jessica’s dream was to explore her true passion – planning truly extraordinary parties.

Since the inception of her company Extraordinary Events by Jessica LLC, this Louisiana event planner has dedicated herself to her clients. For Jessica, there is no difference between a customer’s party or a family members. Her commitment to presenting a perfect result is the same either way. Extraordinary Events by Jessica’s website shows just how seriously she takes this commitment. 100% of the reviews for Extraordinary Events boast a perfect 5 star score!

Settle in for a little insight into why you should always pursue your dreams. Our interview is with Jessica is all about Extraordinary Events’ rise to the top!

Our Interview with Jessica of Extraordinary Events

CV LINENS: Hello Jessica, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?
JESSICA: Hi, my name is Jessica Fontenot. I’m a mom, wife, Registered Nurse, and the sole owner and decorator of Extraordinary Events By Jessica, LLC.

CV LINENS: You have had an amazing run of success as a Louisiana event planner. How did you break into the event planning industry?
JESSICA: I got started in the event planning business by I taking a leap of faith to try something I’m so passionate about!

CV LINENS: What is the story of your business Extraordinary Events by Jessica, LLC?
JESSICA: The start of Extraordinary Events by Jessica came about because I would always plan and throw over-the-top parties for children and my family. I received so many compliments on the decorations and details of the event! My guests encouraged me to start a business. I used to say, “If I could have my dream job – I would be an event planner first…and practice nursing second.” After some serious thought, I decided to start professionally decorating events for other people. My business took off much faster than I expected!

CV LINENS: What influences your special brand of event styling?
JESSICA: I’m from a small town. I wanted to bring a different style to events in Louisiana to expose people in my area to a a special style of decorating. My plan is to decorate each event with the level of extraordinary detail I would use for an event for my own family.

CV LINENS: Is there a certain type of party you specialize in?
JESSICA: Extraordinary Events will decorate all types of events! But we especially love and tend to specialize in themed events.

CV LINENS: What is your favorite type of event to decorate?
JESSICA: Baby showers are my favorite to style, there’s just something special about celebrating and preparing for a new life coming into the world.

CV LINENS: What is your favorite event you have ever decorated?
JESSICA: My favorite event I’ve decorated was the first “Ahoy it’s a Boy” baby shower. I really loved the color scheme for that event.

CV LINENS: What advice has helped you the most on your journey to your success?
JESSICA: The best advice I’ve received is from my mentor Houston’s own Chloe Cook. During Chloe’s class, Plan Like a Pro, she teaches “always charge your worth.” Continuing my education was the best investment I’ve made for my business.

CV LINENS: What are your favorite items from CV Linens?
JESSICA: My favorite items from CV Linens is the Payette Sequin line, I love the glam effect it gives off. I choose CV Linen because the quality of their products are amazing.

CV LINENS: What trends do you see emerging in party decor?
JESSICA: The biggest tends more people are requesting lately are the tables that have the words under them, like “BABY” and “LOVE.”

CV LINENS: Do you have any tips for aspiring event planners?
JESSICA: Don’t call it a dream! Start planning and make it your reality.

CV LINENS: Is there anything else you would like to say?
JESSICA: Thank you so much for spotlighting Extraordinary Events by Jessica!

Thank you, Jessica! You are truly a rising star!

We hope you enjoyed our interview with Jessica Fontenot. Please check out Extraordinary Events by Jessica, LLC on her website or Instagram!


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