How to Fold a Napkin with Silverware

Dress your dinner parties with table napkins to instantly elevate your dining experience. Add a touch of elegant detail to your tablescape with the right napkin folding techniques.

Learning how to fold a napkin to elegantly frame your silverware is important to know so you can set up a luxurious design set-up.

In this blog, we give you a step-by-step guide on how to fold napkins with silverware for a lavish dining experience to remember.

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Basic Napkin Folding Techniques

Here are some easy napkin folding techniques to turn your napkins into silverware pouches. 

Basic Silverware Pouch

  1. Fold your napkin in half. Then, fold it again in half to turn it into fourths.
  2. Take the upper left corner of the napkin and fold it down diagonally.
  3. Turn the napkin over. Take the right side of the napkin and fold 1/3 of the way to the middle. Press down to flatten.
  4. Take the left side and fold to the center.
  5. Flip the napkin over to reveal a small pocket in front. Insert your silverware into the pocket.

Silverware Roll

  1. Lay your napkin flat.
  2. Fold the table napkin in half diagonally. Position it so that the long side is positioned near you and the pointed end away from you.
  3. Place your silverware horizontally in the bottom middle of the long edge of the napkin.
  4. Take the left side and fold over your silverware into the center.
  5. Take the right side and fold over again into the center.
  6. Roll the napkin from the bottom to the top.
  7. Place your silverware roll over your dinner plates to complete your look.

Napkin Origami Pocket

  1. Lay your napkin flat and face down. Fold the bottom edge toward the center, creating a three-inch band at the bottom.
  2. Fold the upper edge over the bottom fold.
  3. Flip the napkin over and fold it at the center. This will create a small rectangular pocket at the bottom.
  4. Insert your silverware into the bottom pocket and lay it carefully over your dining plate or beside it.

These are just some basic napkin folding techniques that you can use to dress up your tablescape. Mix and match and get creative.

Choosing the Right Napkin and Silverware

Polyester Napkin 20"x20" - Blush/Rose Gold
Lamour Satin Napkin 20"x20" - Champagne
Velvet 20"x20" Linen Napkin - Navy Blue

Choosing the appropriate table napkins and silverware is important to achieve a cohesive look. Make sure you choose the pieces that complement your theme and with other decor items on your tablescape.

For formal events, opt for napkins with solid colors. Go for neutral colors like black, white, gray, or blue. You can also opt for other deep colors like emerald green, burgundy, and navy. Select classic and luxurious fabrics like polyester, satin, or velvet.

Glitz Sequin Napkin 20"x20" - Silver
Hammered Disposable Plastic Plates - Clear Gold-Trimmed
Faux Burlap Linen Napkin 20"x20" - Natural Tan

For casual parties, you can go for napkins in muted colors. You can also get creative with patterns. You can use plaid patterns, sequined table napkins, or burlap napkins.

Party in Style with Table Napkins

Neatly folded table napkins to frame your silverware are a great way to elevate your tablescape. Get your table napkins and silverware in bulk to get more savings with wholesale prices.

Learn how to fold napkins with this quick guide and get creative. Practice these easy napkin folding techniques to present your tableware luxuriously. Dine in style and create cherished memories with friends and family to last a lifetime.

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