How Wide is a Table Runner

Looking for ways to dress up your table setting? Table runners are a great way to instantly elevate your dining experience. Many decorators often wonder: how wide should a table runner be

In this blog, we discuss table runner widths and help you choose the best width for your party table. We will answer common questions about table runner widths. Deciding on the right width for your party table can be made easier by following our tips and guidelines.

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Understanding Table Runner Width

In the same way, decorators often have to study tablecloth sizes, knowing how wide a table runner should be is essential for creating the perfect tablescape. How wide your table runners are has an impact on the look of your table's setting.

Standard Table Runner Width

How wide is a standard table runner? A typical table runner usually has a width that ranges from 12 to 18 inches. This range works well with most party tables.

Party decorators typically use runners that are one-third the width of the party tables. This general rule and the standard size range are designed to fit most table sizes.

Satin Table Runner - Emerald Green
Velvet Table Runner - Navy Blue

Styling and Tablecloth Width

For casual occasions, you can use a narrow table runner. For a subtle and understated look, use a table runner that is 10 inches wide or less. This will help create a subdued and laid-back look.

For formal dinners, it’s best to use wider table runners to create a feeling of luxury. Get table runners in deep elegant colors made of fabric like satin or velvet to create a lush tablescape.

Practical Considerations

Aside from the posh aesthetic they bring, table runners also offer the practical utility of protecting your tables and tablecloths from spills and stains.

If you want more protection, wide table runners are a good choice. You get to cover more surface area. Of course, you have to make sure you balance the width for aesthetic purposes.

Consider as well if you’re using decorative centerpieces and placemats. You will want a runner that is wide enough to fit the base of your centerpiece, but not too wide to overlap with your placemats.

Diamond Shape Centerpiece with Hanging Chandelier
12 Arms Candle Holder Wedding Candelabra Table Centerpiece 48"H - Gold

Complete your look by getting matching table napkins to complement the color and design of your runners. A top tip to save on event linens is to buy your party linens in bulk. This way you save more with wholesale price offers. 

Polyester Napkin 20"x20" - Dusty Rose/Mauve
Satin Napkin 20"x20" - Emerald Green
Polyester Napkin 20"x20" - Sage Green

Party in Style with Wide Table Runners

Getting the right table runner width is a subtle yet important part of designing your dining set-up. A typical table runner measures 12-18 inches. This is a good rule to know in setting up a tablescape with enough room for all elements of your dining experience. 

Get creative with table runner widths and mix and match with tablecloths, table napkins, and other event linens. Create elegant tablescapes to enjoy with loved ones and enjoy magical moments to cherish for a lifetime. 

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