How to Store Linen Napkins Properly

Linen napkins are a great way to enhance your dining experience and create a luxurious tablescape. They’re not only a practical element for your guests, table napkins are also a great way to add detail and color to your tableware. 

To get the most out of your party table napkins, make sure you store them properly for the next use. In this blog, learn how to store linen napkins with our quick guide and top tips. 

Storing Linen Napkins 

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1. Sort and Separate

Linen napkins come in all sorts of colors and materials. You’ve got satin napkins and polyester napkins. Also, you’ve got napkins in dusty rose or dusty blue among many popular colors for wedding linen napkins. With so many fabric and color options, the best way to store linen napkins is to organize them first.

The first step you can take in storing linen napkins is to sort and separate your table napkins according to fabric, color, and style. Sorting can be very useful especially when you order linen napkins in bulk. This way, you can easily find and retrieve the linen napkins that suit your party theme best. 

2. Storage Containers

Once you’ve sorted your table napkins, secure some durable containers and storage space for your table linens. You can opt for plastic containers that you can seal well to prevent dust and water from entering.

If you have different colors, fabrics, and designs, you may want to store each type of table napkin in one container for easier storage. Make sure to label your containers well for easier retrieval. 

3. Fold Napkins

To make sure your napkins are stored well to prevent creasing, learn how to fold your cloth napkins for storage. One of the easiest ways to do this is to fold your napkins in half or thirds.

Make sure that they’re folded in a size that fits the height and width of the storage box to prevent creasing at the edges. Folding your napkins well also means you get to maximize space. With proper folding, you can keep your napkins ready for use for the next big event. 

4. Find a dry and cool place

Once your linen napkins are sorted, folded well, and placed properly in a storage box, you can then safely place them in a storage space.

Find a cool and dry place to put your linen napkins in. This way, you can prevent mold and other bacteria from forming on your napkins. This will make your napkins last longer and ready for use for your next party. 

Things to Consider When Storing Linen Napkins

When storing your linen napkins, consider how often you use each type of table napkin you own. You will want to separate your napkins that are most used and less used. If you’re storing for long-term storage, you may want to place these further away while placing your everyday napkins in a more accessible area. 

When storing white table napkins, you may want to carefully inspect each napkin before storing it for long periods. Make sure to separate those napkins that have stains or are improperly cleaned. These may create molds that could stain other napkins. Make sure to clean your white napkins before storage especially if storing for the long term. 

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Linen napkins are a great way to instantly elevate any tablescape for a dining experience your guests are sure to remember. Learning how to store your table napkins well will make sure they last longer. Get the most out of your dollar by buying linen napkins wholesale and storing your napkins and other event linens well. With these top storage tips, give your party linens the right care and maintenance they need. 

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