How to Attach a Skirt to a Table

Table skirting is an important part of event decoration. Turn your party tables into a stunning party centerpiece by using table skirts. Learning how to attach table skirts properly is important to get a polished look.

Understanding Table Skirts

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Table skirts are important decor pieces in every decorator’s tool kit. They serve to cover the sides of tables to give a more polished look to your party. Moreover, they add style and texture to your tablescape. To use them, let’s learn about the accessories that can help us set up table skirts easily.

Table skirts come in different materials. Choose from different fabrics like satin, tulle, polyester and more. Most table skirts have velcro strips sewn along their top edge for easy attachment.

Clips and Velcro

Velcro Table Skirt Clip - Variable Lifetime 1.5"-2"
Velcro Table Skirt Clip - Standard 3/4"-1"

To attach table skirts easily, you may want to use table skirt clips. These are plastic clips that slide over the top edges of your table. These have velcro attached to their outer edge where you can stick your table skirts easily. Alternatively, you may also use double-sided tape for lightweight materials. 

Table Toppers

Spandex Table Topper/Cap 6 FT Rectangular - Navy Blue

Toppers are table covers that protect your tables before placing your clips. They are essentially tablecloths that protect the top and edges of your tables. Choose a topper that’s the same shade as your table skirt to create a seamless look.

Attaching a Table Skirt

  1. Clear your party tables and set them to their desired height. Place your table topper on your party table. Adjust the height of your table to fit your skirt perfectly.
  2. Next place your clips on the edges of your table. You can space them one foot apart to ensure that your skirting has enough support.
  3. Start from one end of the table and attach the skirt to the first clip. Hold your table skirt taut and work your way until the last remaining clip, attaching along all sides.
  4. Fix your table skirts to make sure they are straight and evenly distributed, flowing nicely along all sides.

Choosing Skirts for Different Table Shapes

Choosing the right length and style of skirting is important in event decorating. Proper measurements will ensure that you get a neat and polished look at your skirted tables. Below is our quick guide for determining the table skirt sizes you need for different shapes of tables.

For round tables, you only need to multiply the diameter by 3.14. Here’s a quick guide on the table skirt sizes you may need for different standard table sizes:

  • 48-inch tables – 13 ft table skirt
  • 60-inch tables – 17 ft table skirt
  • 72-inch tables – 21 ft table skirt

For rectangular tablecloths, designers can choose to skirt 3-4 sides. Meanwhile, for tables placed in the center, you can skirt all sides. And for tables placed against a wall, you can opt to skirt only 3 sides. Here’s a quick guide for table skirt lengths for standard table sizes.

Skirting all 4 side

  • 6 ft x 30-inch table – 17 ft
  • 8 ft x 30-inch table – 21 ft

Skirting 3 sides

  • 6 ft x 30-inch table – 13 ft
  • 8 ft x 30-inch table – 13 – 17 ft

Below is a quick size guide to help you choose the correct size table skirt. 

table skirt sizing guide

Skirting with Different Fabric

Skirting with different fabrics can also mean adjustments to the method of attaching a table skirt. For sheer fabric like tulle, satin, and chiffon, you may want to adjust how we stick them. For example, when learning how to attach a tulle table skirt, you can opt to use adhesive tape instead of clips or drives. It’s best to use strong adhesives so you can be sure they stay attached throughout the party even without clips. 

Tulle Tutu 17ft Table Skirt - Blush/Rose Gold
14ft Gathered Lamour Satin Table Skirt - Ivory
Chiffon Tulle Table Skirt Extra Long 17ft - Dusty Blue

Finishing Touches

Top off your skirted tables with only the best table runners. Run it along the length of your dinner table. Complement them with a stunning centerpiece to serve as a focal point to your tablescape. Add some charger plates to elevate your dining experience. Top off with some matching table napkins to add texture to your set-up.

Decorating with Table Skirts

Enhance your dining experience with table skirts. We’ve gone through the basics of how to attach a skirt to party tables. Choose from different fabrics, depending on the formality of your event and your budget. Remember also our quick guide to get the right size skirts that fit your tables well.

Mix and match and discover styles for wedding party skirting and other decor. Dine in style and luxury with the proper table skirting and create memories to last for a lifetime.

Our Products

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Spandex Table Topper/Cap 6 FT Rectangular

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