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How to Set a Table Using Charger Plates

Charger plates are used in both formal and informal table settings. You can use chargers to give your table a clear anchor for the rest of the setting, to improve the ambiance of your gathering, and to add something aesthetically pleasing to everyone.

Chargers can prevent messes from staining the tablecloths. It also helps retain the heat in your dishes. These are good enough reasons to consider buying charger plates in bulk. Now, you should learn how to set a table using charger plates to make full use of them and improve your skills as a party host. 

How to Correctly Place a Charger Plate

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You can either place a charger plate on top of a tablecloth or a placemat, whichever you prefer. In many cases though, it is not necessary to use a placemat if you use a charger. Chargers already have decorative elements that keep the tablecloth from getting stained and add a sense of formality and color to the table. The bottom line is that the charger plate serves as a base, where soup bowls, salad plates, and entree dishes will be placed. 

If you want your table setting to pop, charger plates come in handy. It makes your guests feel special because of the wow factor these chargers bring to the table. Making an effort with your table setting will leave an impression of a beautiful home, a pleasant welcome, and excellent hosting skills. 

It is the same way with hosting an event somewhere other than your home. Going the extra mile to set the table with charger plates will effortlessly elevate the atmosphere of your event.

Tips on Styling a Charger Plate for Other Uses

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When not used for setting dining tables, here are some charger plate decorating ideas when using the chargers for other purposes: 


  • Place a flower vase with artificial or real flowers on the charger plate
  • Put pillar candles on the charger
  • Display cakes and cupcakes better on the charger
  • Use candles and flowers to surround a small flower vase and put everything on the charger plate
  • Use chargers to plate small desserts or appetizers, but with a linen napkin in between the food and the charger
  • Cover up a flaw on your tablecloth with a strategically placed charger plate 
  • Let the charger plates double as weights that will keep the dining tablecloth in place, allowing you to put other decorations with a more stable foundation 


How to Choose Charger Plates 

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Decorating with charger plates is not as simple as picking any charger you have and putting it on the table. It requires a careful selection of what charger plates suit the table setting you want.

Chargers should match the overall atmosphere of your event. Think about the location, decorations, linens, glasses, silverware, and the level of formality of the gathering. Choose charger plates that will blend well with the environment and the rest of the table setup without any contrast. 

Know the different materials used in making chargers, including the following: 


  • Acrylic charger plates are both attractive and durable and come in different designs, finishings, shapes, and colors. They are often used in restaurants and events serving many courses. 
  • Wood chargers may be made of faux wood, natural wood, or a combination of both. They are used in table settings that need decorative, natural, or rustic appeal. 
  • Glass chargers look elegant and sleek and come in various shapes, styles, designs, colors, and finishings. They are ideally used in modern indoor settings. 
  • Chrome chargers present a smooth, attractive, and sleek appearance. They are often used in high-end restaurants and events as large platters and appetizer dishes. 
  • Stainless steel chargers are durable, rust-resistant, and low maintenance. They match table settings with a modern or contemporary theme.
  • Porcelain chargers are aesthetically appealing, more durable than ceramics, moisture-resistant, and easy to maintain. They can retain heat and can be used in both indoor and outdoor table settings. 
  • Plastic chargers are made of high-quality plastic. They are flexible in terms of design and color so you can easily mix and match them with the table setting you have in mind. 


Chargers must be of the right size. Their standard size is 14 inches, which is big enough to catch crumbs and spills and as a base for the dishes. 

Pointers on How to Set a Table Using Charger Plates 

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In informal settings, chargers can serve as plain accessories on the table during the meal. However, there are more stringent rules in formal settings, including the following: 


  • Charger plates should be prepared early and ready on the table before the guests arrive.
  • There should be a charger plate in each place setting. The decorative charger plates should be placed at least two feet from each other to provide each guest with enough elbow room during the meal. These plates should always be equidistant from each other. 
  • Chargers should not hang over the edge of the table. You can leave at least half an inch from the table’s end or more, but the point is not to let your guests pull their charger plates closer to them to start eating. 
  • Charger plates should be placed in between the silverware and below the glasses. The silverware should also be equidistant from each other to create a uniform look across your table setting.
  • Do not put food or drink on the table before the guests come and sit. 
  • You may use the chargers to hold the napkins, name cards, or menu cards before dinner. 
  • Charger plates usually stay through some or all of the courses until the entree. Once the main dish is served, chargers are removed from the table to make way for the main dining plate. 
  • Desserts should never be served on charger plates. 
  • Do not let the charger plate come into direct contact with food unless it is made of food-grade material.


Now, you know how to set a table using charger plates and pick the right ones. Study the tips above and match your silver, acrylic, or gold reef charger plates with the right table setting. Shop at CV Linens today.

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