Gold Charger Plates

Gold Charger Plates from CV Linens™

Let your tabletops dazzle with our Gold Charger Plates. Not only are they beautiful decor pieces, but these charger plates can make your tablescapes all the more elegant and functional.

Reef Acrylic Plastic Charger Plate

Made of clear acrylic, the reef acrylic plastic charger plate resembles the look of a coral reef. The charger features a wavy, textured design in gold, which brings a coastal flair to your tables. With its standard diameter of around 13 inches, it lends a modern and subtle translucent look.

Vintage Round Charger Plate - White Gold-Trimmed

There is a sense of nostalgia that our vintage round charger plate in white and gold trim gives. It features a white base and a fine gold trim along its rim. Crafted from sturdy material, which is mostly ceramic or acrylic, the plate measures around 13 inches in diameter. This is perfect for setting classic and elegant tables.

Branch Molten Acrylic Charger Plate

Our branch molten acrylic charger plate has a contemporary design. Made of acrylic, it measures around 13 inches in diameter. Its gold color is blended in a swirling, molten pattern that mimics tree branches. This brings an artistic touch to any table.

Beaded Glass Charger Plate

The elegant beaded glass charger plate is crafted from clear glass with a smooth, reflective surface. Around 13 inches in diameter, its rim has fine gold beads, which gives it a sophisticated style.

Victorian Embossed Acrylic Charger Plate - White Gold-Trimmed

Vintage aesthetic is seamlessly blended with modern materials in our Victorian embossed acrylic chargers. Crafted from white acrylic, the plate features a stunning embossed design of the Victorian era, further emphasized by its classic gold trim on its rim. It measures around 13 inches in diameter and can be used to embellish a classic tablescape.

Waved Scalloped Acrylic 13" Charger Plate - Gold & White

This playful charger plate features a unique design with alternating gold and white waves along the scalloped rim. Made of acrylic, it's around 13 inches in diameter. This charger plate injects a touch of whimsy and modern style into your table setting. 

How to Care for Your Gold Charger Plates?

Keeping your chargers sparkling is a breeze! For acrylic chargers, a damp cloth with mild soap is all you need. Skip the harsh chemicals and abrasives – they can damage the surface. 

Glass chargers are just as easy. Simply hand wash them with warm, soapy water and dry them thoroughly with a soft cloth to prevent water spots.

With proper care, your Gold Charger Plates from CV Linens™ will become essential party supplies that you can use for your next events.

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