Glass Charger Plates

Are you in need of the perfect accent decor to complete a stunning tablescape? At CV Linens, we have several stylish glass charger plates designs to help bring all table decor imagination to life! Offering additional protection to the tablecloths, charger plates are a fantastic way to easily enhance the dining experience for event guests. From simple and sophisticated to modern and glamorous styles, the versatility of glass charger plates allows them to be used at any indoor or outdoor events such as weddings, bridal showers, banquets, baby showers, company parties, and much more!

The addition of charger plates to place settings will not only allow for napkins to be beautifully displayed but it is also a great way to continue the theme of the event. Tropical or water-themed events will not be complete without the popular reef glass charger plates available in gold, silver, and blush/rose gold. When combined with curly willow or mermaid accents, a lovely coral reef look will easily be achieved. Continuing the nature-inspired designs, twigs trim charger plates in gold or silver offer a distinctive embossed twig pattern on the outer rim of the plate. This fabulous design is a perfect addition alongside wood decor to create a luxurious natural tablescape. For simple yet classy gatherings, tabletops can be accentuated with classic beaded glass charger plates with a gold or silver trims.

To draw in a burst of attention to the table be sure to include a diamond burst glass charger plate in blush/rose gold in your design. Not only does the name speak for itself, but their extravagant geometric design will literally be the center of attention at your event. Another stand out design is the jewel glass charger plate in teal. The unique and gorgeous gold and teal design will have your guests leaving more intrigued than ever. When added over gold sequin linens and matching gold centerpieces, the table will shine like a jewel!

While absolutely stylish, charger plates offer more than just decoration purposes. Charger plates will prevent any accidental spills or messes which could possibly lead to stained linens. Furthermore, they also assist with retaining the heat from the food placed on the dinnerware. With an overall diameter of approximately 13”, charger plates can be used with an assortment of dishware. Use your imaginative ideas to look beyond their initial purpose!

Glass charger plates make it easier for you to dress your tables with a touch of elegance and they pair well with any type of material. Complete glamourous tablescapes with the wholesale polyester tablecloths, satin table runners, and lamour satin tablecloths from CV Linens! For an alternative to glass charger plates be sure to check out our acrylic charger plates!

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