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The Importance of Quinceañera Decor

Turquoise and Zebra Quinceañera DecorZebra Quinceañera decor with zebra overlay, turquoise overlay, spandex chair covers, drapes, and glitz sequin bands

For the Hispanic community, la quinceañera or “la fiesta de quince años” is one of the most important days in a young girl’s life. Likewise, this is an extremely important day for the parents and family of the young girl! That’s because the quinceañera celebrates a young girl’s coming of age. It is the observance of the special day when she turns fifteen.

The party is all about celebration! You’ll want to create a warm, inviting, and festive atmosphere with great food, excellent music and of course, amazing decorations. In order to make this day as special as possible for the soon-to-be fifteen-year-old young woman in your life, here are some important considerations to keep in mind in terms of quinceañera decor!

quinceañera decor with glitz sequin napkins and zebra tablecloth

Common Quinceañera Themes and Colors to Choose From

Quinceañeras typically have a number of common themes and colors. Of course, this is something that the quinceañera herself will choose. Most often, quinceañeras choose traditional feminine or bold colors. Turquoise, pink, purple, and fuchsia are beautiful colors to make your quinceañera decor sparkle, shine, and truly stand out. Common themes include Parisian, Chanel, moroccan, animal print, and Kate Spade. Check out our Pinterest board for color and theme inspiration!

Making the Décor Shine

Again, everyone will note the quinceañera decor, so you’ve got to make it shine! If you’re interested in a turquoise and zebra quinceañera as many young girls are, you’ll want to find your birthday girl a lovely quinceañera dress in this shade and build everything around that.

Choose tablecloths, table skirts, and napkins in turquoise or colors that complement turquoise, such as silver, white, and black. Everything should come together so that you have a cohesive color palette. Even the gowns and hair decorations of the court should match main colors like turquoise and black.

quinceañera decor with glitz sequin napkins and zebra tablecloth

Choosing the Central Elements of Your Quinceañera Celebration

There are naturally a lot of elements that will go into your quinceañera celebration, and every party will be different. The decorations and central elements that you choose will depend largely on how many family members and friends will be attending, how large the court will be, what the setting will be like, and what your budget is.

There are three elements that you absolutely must plan for:

The Head Table

The head table is where the quinceañera sits and where her court or the damas and chambelanes sit. Just like the head table at a wedding celebration, this table needs to be the most extravagant and most beautiful! Choose a high quality table skirt and wholesale tablecloths with matching table decorations. We recommend either our curly willow or gathered lamour to compliment our mock up look.

The Cake Table

Next, you have the cake or dessert table. Of course, this is where the prized quiñce cake will sit, and you’ll likely want to put a number of other sweet treats and desserts there as well. Make this table especially inviting and think of it as a piece of art. Put down a cake stand for the cake so that it can be above everything else, and put your turquoise tablecloth and table skirt over the table to make a luxurious setting.

Guest Tables

Finally there are the guest tables. These are naturally where all of the invited guests will sit and will be situated around the central head table and the cake table. Get high quality, 200 GSM wholesale tablecloths for these. A high GSM on your tablecloths will ensure a thick and sturdy finish, while anything less will have a transparent affect and you may be able to see the table underneath. All polyester tablecloths we sell are 200 GSM. While you might want to buy special tablecloths for the head table and cake table, solid wholesale tablecloths are going to save you the most and look great where guest tables are concerned.

Other Areas

Keep in mind that at the quinceañera venue you’ll also want to have an area where speeches can be made and live music can happen. Even if you’ve decided to hire a DJ, you’ll need somewhere for them to stand and play tracks. Just like the head table and cake table, make sure that this “stage” is centrally located and does not clash with the overall color scheme of your venue and decor.

quinceañera decor with turquoise and black sheer drapes with glitz sequin drapes behind

About our Zebra Quinceañera Decor Mock Up


Set up difficulty: ★★★☆☆ (mid-difficulty due to drape design)
Set up time: Approximately 60 minutes

For this mock up we wanted to focus on vibrancy! A quinceañera needs channel a bold and youthful feel. We started with a black base tablecloth and layered it with our zebra and solid overlays to create texture and color blocking. Zebra elements were also included in the chair designs where we added a glitz sequin chair band to correlate with the draping behind the tablescape. Our place settings use the same glitz sequin as the chairs and pull back to the original black base linen. Lastly our silver accents, including charger plates and napkin clips, tie it all together.

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Want to Substitute?

Turquoise isn’t the only popular color for a quinceañera! Replace our turquoise elements with pink, fuchsia, or purple to customize this look for the guest of honor’s big day.

What Quinceañera Decor Have You Used Before?

Using all of these tips and tricks will help you create a beautiful quinceañera party for your soon-to-be fifteen-year-old! You’ll be truly glad that you put the time and effort into this wonderful celebration.


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