Turquoise Table Skirts

Create excitement for you and your guests at your next event by dressing your tables with CV Linens top of the line Turquoise Table skirts. Our beautiful turquoise table skirts easily incorporate color and texture to transform any ordinary table into the focal point of any special event. As anyone would agree, table skirts are an essential asset of party planning. Whether your event is a birthday party, quinceanera, wedding or a home celebration, CV Linens has the right table skirts to suit your party needs!

The vibrancy and versatility turquoise table skirts offer will allow them to be paired with just about any color tone and party theme. Try pairing a turquoise curly willow skirt with purple, pink and blue tones to create a whimsical mermaid theme party. Use our tutu skirt with pastel tones to create a breathtaking ballerina theme party. If you are looking to add a little shimmer to your table setting, try using our tutu skirts with sequin. Now if you are looking for a more elegant style you may want to browse our Gathered Lamour skirts in Turquoise. Made out of matte lamour satin material sewn into lush waves combining the silky feel of satin but without the shine, making it perfect for weddings or baby showers. For multicolored tablescapes, incorporate our equally vibrant aqua blue table skirts. To bring both turquoise and aqua blue together in one skirt, try our enchanting rainbow skirts. No matter which turquoise table skirt you choose to purchase from CV Linens, rest assure you will end with an astonishing result!

At CV Linens we are pleased to offer fascinating turquoise table skirts in several materials and sizes to accommodate any table size or party theme. Choose from Lamour Satin, Tulle and Curly willow in our three convenient sizes of 14ft, 17ft and 21ft. For ease of use, our table skirts can be used on round, square and rectangular tables to make it convenient for all brides to be and event planners! As an added bonus, each skirt has a strip of quality Velcro already sewn along the top of the skirt to effortlessly secure your table skirts to the tables. To complete setting up your table skirt don't forget to purchase table clips available with Velcro and without Velcro! At CV Linens we offer our table clips in 3/4"-1", 1.5"-2", or 2"-3" sizes to accommodate most table widths. Determining the clip size, you need is as easy as measuring the thickness of your tabletop. To ensure your skirt stays clipped on and no unwanted accidents occur, it is recommended to use one skirt clip with Velcro per each foot of skirt. For decor that does not need Velcro, we also offer clips without Velcro and they can be purchased with or without Velcro.

When you use table skirts you do not have to worry about using a floor length tablecloth, all you will need is a table cap, overlay or the smallest size tablecloth available. Although we have a wide selection of coordinating solid color turquoise tablecloths and overlays, don't be afraid to mix and match fabrics when selecting a table topper to go along with your table skirt. Feel free to browse through our Lamour Satin, Taffeta, Polyester, Satin and Faux Burlap collections to find the perfect tabletop linen!

Browse our large selection of turquoise table skirts to effortlessly complete any Robin's Egg Blue theme without the need of a DIY table skirt project!

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