Table Clips

Our Table Clips make dressing up special event tables easy and stylish! When you wish to enhance your party tables with a specialized look, table skirts are the go-to choice as they’re an easy and affordable decorating option with game-changing results. When you use our wholesale table clips, you can achieve a posh, pulled-together look. Once you find your perfect table skirt, you can use these clips to attach your skirt directly to your table or over your tour tablecloth. Our velcro and non-velcro clips easily attach to most cocktail, round, and rectangular banquet tables, available in sizes of 3/4"-1", 1.5"-2", 2"-3", and overlap/valance. The streamlined design of these table skirt clips makes them easy to snap on and off, and they securely hold up table skirts without any damage to banquet tables or tablecloths. Another benefit is that you can reuse them over and over again, whether for another event, at home, or during a picnic outing.

Our velcro table clips are made of durable clear plastic with a strip of velcro that coordinates with our assorted table skirts which feature a 1" sewn-in velcro strip. Our non-velcro table clips (also known as plastic tablecloth clips) are used to help secure tablecloths on tables for outdoor events that might experience windy conditions. They are also used to keep the tablecloth securely in place under your table overlays. When creating DIY scalloped tablecloths, this type of table clip makes the perfect choice in which to gather the tablecloth material. Our third clip style, the overlap valance clips, is used to overlap any extra or leftover skirt material by clipping over an already attached skirt with the velcro side facing away from the table to attach extra material. Choose your table clip size based on the thickness of the event table being used. For a perfect fit, ensure that your clip fits snugly to the table without breaking or falling off.

Table skirting is the best way to make your table look perfect from every angle, and table clips will help you achieve this tailored look without struggle. This versatile party setup tool can also be used to attach additional party decor to your tables such as foam or paper flowers, oversized rose flowers, DIY foam or paper butterflies, and more! It’s great for weddings, baby showers, and birthday parties to cultivate a pulled-together event.

Our table clips for table skirting will help any bride or party planner to add beauty and depth to their venue whether indoors or out. Their transparent design is perfectly disguised so that full glory goes to your table linens and centerpieces. These table clips wholesale will give you professional-looking results at low prices so that all your guests see the wonders of your beautiful decor theme!

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