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CV Linens™ Table Clips

Arrange a hassle-free and precise table dressing with our premium Table Clips. They are available in two convenient sizes, ideal for different thicknesses of tables. The clips are a trusted and seamless solution for your table skirting needs.

Velcro Table Skirt Clip - Large Variable Lifetime 2"-3"

Designed to precisely fit the edges of tables with two to three inches in thickness, the Velcro Table Skirt Clip – Large Variable Lifetime 2”-3” guarantees sturdiness. They will not lose their grip or functionality despite several uses. Its large size and durable design ensure that table skirts stay in place, even in crowded environments.

Velcro Table Skirt Clip - Standard 3/4"-1" 

Our Velcro Table Skirt – Standard ¾:-1” is perfect for standard table sizes. It ensures a snug fit to keep your table skirts firmly attached to the table and maintains a wrinkle-free appearance during the entire event. This clip is lightweight and durable, which makes it ideal for easy setup and tear-down. Because of these properties, many event professionals who seek efficient and quality styling accessories prefer this clip. 

Benefits of Table Clips for Table Skirting 

If your occasion calls for elaborate table arrangements, using table skirts is one of the best ways to get it done. With beautifully done table skirting comes durable and reliable Table Clips. Here are the reasons why you need to use these table skirting clips:

1. Secure Fitting

High-quality Velcro is used on our clips to guarantee a tight table grip and to achieve a refined appearance.

2. Multiple Uses

The table skirting clips can endure multiple uses because they are made of premium materials. These are a cost-effective investment for your event planning portfolio.

3. Adaptability

You can use the Table Clips on various thicknesses of tables, which also means that they can be used on many kinds of occasions. 

4. Easy Installation

The Velcro design is made for fast and hassle-free attachment and removal. This will save you a valuable amount of time when setting up your decorations. 

5. Aesthetic Look

Style a perfect alignment of your table skirts and keep them free from drooping. This will elevate the overall aesthetic of our event style.

Why Buy Our Table Clips?

CV Linens™ puts a premium on quality and customer satisfaction. Our Table Clips are extensively tested to meet high standards. This way, they can perform their function excellently. 

Our Table Clips are offered at competitive wholesale pricing with guaranteed high quality. These table skirting accessories are an economical option for all event professionals.

Since 2007, CV Linens™ has been a trusted brand in event linens and party essentials. All your event styling needs can be found right at our shop under one roof. Beyond Table Clips, we are proud to offer you our wide range of tablecloths, chair covers, backdrops, arches, table centerpieces, and more.

Not only that, our friendly and skilled team of customer service will gladly assist you in your ordering processes. Their help is very much accessible at any point in your purchasing journey.

Creating a perfectly set up table has never been easier. Experience the difference in your event setup when you use our Table Clips, as well as our other event linens and party supplies. Buy wholesale for bigger savings. Also, grab our free shipping promo when you order more than $99.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What can I use instead of tablecloth clips?

You can use binder clips instead of tablecloth clips if you don’t have them. Another alternative is a double-sided tape or adhesive strips. Safety pins are another option to hold the edges of a table together. You can also keep the tablecloths taut using elastic bands or hair ties. 

When you place heavy objects like table centerpieces or table weights at the table edges, tablecloths will not easily shift. You can create friction to minimize slipping when you put rubber shelf liners between the table and the table linen. 

How to use table clips?

To use table clips, first, position your tablecloth evenly over the table. Select the appropriate size clip based on your table's edge thickness. Open the clip and slide it over the table edge, securing the tablecloth underneath. Ensure the Velcro part of the clip is facing outward for attaching the table skirt later. Repeat this process around the table, spacing the clips evenly for a secure hold. Once all clips are in place, attach the table skirt by pressing its Velcro edge against the Velcro on the clips. Adjust the skirt as needed to ensure it hangs evenly and smoothly around the table.

How do I keep my table covers from sliding?

Prevent your table linens from sliding by using our skirting clips. They will tightly secure the edges of the linens to the table. Create friction by placing non-slip mats or rubber shelf liners below the tablecloths. 

Other options are double-sided tape or adhesive strips to secure the tablecloth, as well as the placement of heavy event-related objects on the tables such as centerpieces or weights in every corner and edge. 

If none of the mentioned materials are available, you can simply opt for a fitted tablecloth that has elastic edges for a snug fit. Or, you can choose a tablecloth in heavier fabric to prevent shifting.

Do you need tablecloth clips?

Whether you need tablecloth clips or not will depend on your event style and venue. For instance, in an outdoor venue in which wind can be a problem, tablecloth clips will secure your tablecloths in place. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your table style is maintained despite the strong blow of winds. 

The clips can ensure a neat, organized appearance because sliding and shifting can be prevented. For smooth and slippery table surfaces, in particular, the clips are highly beneficial. Overall, Table Clips can help you secure a polished table setup and table linens throughout an event.

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