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Which Napkin Fabric Will Work Best for Your Event?

Table napkins are party decor that’s a small but very important detail in setting the right tone for your party. There are so many varieties of fabric and styles to choose from. These vary in finish and rigidity for different uses. Here we give you a rundown on the best napkin fabric that will work for your event. 

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What type of fabric is best for napkins?

The best type of fabric for your party is one that will best complement your other party decor and overall theme. Regardless of napkin brands, you will want to form different types of napkins based on its fabric material.

One of the most asked questions on table napkins is whether or not cotton or linen is best for fabric napkins.

The most common table napkin used in most special occasions is fine linen. Linen is a great fabric for dinner napkins because it's very absorbent and durable, leaving no lint on party guests.

Linen is best for party table napkins and tablecloths, perfect for formal events. On the other hand, cotton and polyester are the most common types of material for table napkins suited for casual parties. Polyester tablecloths are also among the most common materials used for weddings and parties.

Linen, cotton, and polyester are among the the most preferred fabric for table linen. These are perfect for dining napkins and tablecloths for your parties. There are a host of other fabric options available depending on your party theme and style.

Polyester Napkin 20"x20" - Dusty Blue
Velvet 132" Round Tablecloth - Black
Pearl and Diamond Cluster Napkin Ring - Gold

The Best Napkin Fabrics for Your Party

Napkin folding is one of the best ways to add detail to your tablescape. There are different napkin folds that you can use. The best fabric napkin material to be used depends on the type of napkin fold you want to make.

Here is a rundown on the best fabric to be used for different table napkin folding methods:

1. Polyester

Polyester Napkin Navy Blue
navy blue napkin setup

Finish: Polyester napkins have a matte finish that is suitable for a muted yet elegant look. Unlike other fabric, polyester has no fancy shine, giving off a timelessly classic look.


Polyester is a rigid material, holding itself well to different shapes and making it perfect for napkin fold.

Best folds for this fabric: You can make intricate folds lilies, lotuses, roses, and crowns among other delicate napkin folds.

What folds will not work: Polyester can be styled with most all folds. 

2. Linen

Lamour Satin Napkin - Rust
Lamour Satin Napkin - Black

Finish: This natural fabric made from the flax plant has no shimmering finish. Yet its muted dull finish gives off a warm and classic look. Its fabric is durable and absorbent making it perfect for table napkin use.

Linen is made of fabric material that is rigid because its linen yarn is made out of cellulose fiber. This makes it perfect for intricate napkin folding. 

Best folds for this fabric: Intricate folds such as the Diamond, the Pouch, a Diagonal Pocket Fold, and an Accordion Fold.

What folds will not work: Linen is a versatile material, lending itself well to complex napkin folds. This fabric can be used for any napkin fold.

3. Cotton

white cotton table napkin
white cotton table napkin2

Finish: Cotton has a muted look with no shimmering finish. This natural cloth is made out of durable material that’s perfect for multiple uses. The smooth finish gives off a soft and warm feel.

Cotton napkins are relatively rigid, which makes it just right for complex napkin folds.

Best folds for this fabric: The classic pocket, the angled pocket, the diamond pocket, the leaf

What folds will not work: flexible fabric that will work for simple and complex folds: flexible fabric that will work for simple and complex folds

4. Satin

satin napkin - terracotta
satin napkin - blush

Finish: Satin napkins are the lovely, shining answer for a dash of glimmering color. Satin is a perfect napkin fabric for simple folds and to merely lay flat on the table.

Rigidity: Very Limp

Folds that will not work: Folds expected to stand up

The best folds for this fabric: Rolls or simple folds

5. Lamour Satin

Lamour Satin Napkin - Navy Blue
navy blue table napkin

Finish: Soft sheen, Matte Lamour Satin is an easy favorite for special event decor. The soft sheen is perfect for picking up the subtle lighting from candlelight or LED lights. Lamour is a perfect choice if your aim is to create a simple standing napkin fold.

Rigidity: Lamour satin is relatively rigid

Folds that will not work: Lamour satin will now hold for rather intricate folds that need stiff fabric

The best folds for this fabric: Spiral folds, Triangle fold, loose folds, rolls

6. Pintuck

Pintuck Napkin 20"x20" - Fuchsia
Pintuck Napkin 20"x20" - White

Finish: Pintuck offers a sligh shimmer for an eye-catching touch to your tablescape. The Pintuck napkin’s  pattern adds texture to your dinner setting. Be sure not to bury this design in intricate folds. Pintuck is also made of taffeta which is a limp fabric that does not hold folds quite well.

Rigidity: Quite Limp

Folds that will not work: most folds will not work because of its limp fabric

The best folds for this fabric: plain rolls or very simple folds

7. Glitz Sequin

Glitz Sequin Napkin 20"x20" - Gold
Gold table napkin setup

Finish: Glitz sequin napkins are the go-to table napkins for a dazzling display to glam up your tablescape. This napkin can stand on its own  due to its tightly packed sequins. HOwever the same sequins do not lend itself well to complex napkin folds.

Rigidity: Very Rigid

Folds that will not work: The napkins cannot be used for intricate folds. This is due to the very rigid nature of the fabric due to the sequins. Only simple folds can be done.

The best folds for this fabric: Triangle folds, fan folds, the French fold

8. Taffeta

Taffeta Napkin Gold
Taffeta Napkin Victorial Lilac

Finish: Taffeta napkins offer a little bit of a shine and a lot of flow. Taffeta napkins may not be very ideal for precise napkin folds. To remedy this, you can iron it out so that taffeta can be shaped into pointed corners for a pocket fold. This fabric is your best bet for napkin rolls and anything that will lay flat against the table.

Rigidity: Very limp

Folds that will not work: Upright folds, triangle folds, fan folds, or spiral folds

Folds that will not work: Upright folds, triangle folds, fan folds, or spiral folds

What is the best color for a table napkin?

Choosing the right napkin color for your party can be a very challenging task. The best color for your table napkins depends on your theme and color palette. However, there are certain safe color choices that work well for many wedding styles. 

1. Ivory - For starters, you can never go wrong with Ivory. It's a versatile color that suits different lighting settings. You can style it for formal and casual occasions. White, cream, and neutral colored napkins are safe options you can use for a host of different styling ideas.

2. Royal Blue - this deep shade of blue gives off a regal feel best for formal parties. It can also be easily paired with basic solid colors, such as ivory or beige.

3. Dusty blue - Muted colors are also a common option among most young couples. If you want to be on trend, one of the most popular options are dusty blue napkins. This airy and elegant color 

4. Mocha - this natural color is a simple yet elegant choice for any party. Its earthy tone is versatile, easy to use for formal and casual parties. It’s also a perfect choice for outdoor parties, going well with lush greeneries and florals.

5. Gold - Gold table linens are a perfect choice for upscale parties. Paired with white, black, or other deep-shaded colors, this shimmering decorative piece instantly elevates your wedding look. Glam up your dinner setting by pairing them with the right napkin rings. 

You can get a host of other design ideas to inspire your table napkin color choices. Go You can get more styling ideas online on choosing the right color for your cloth napkins. Build an online mood board from design inspirations.

Choose the Best Table Napkin for your Party

elegant table settings

We’ve gone through the list of the best table napkins materials for different napkin folds and styles. We’ve also gone through all the best napkin colors. Be sure to buy your napkins in bulk to get more for every dollar.

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Mix and match your table linens. Choose from our wide array of party decor to get a perfectly elegant look for your big day. For more styling and napkin folding ideas visit our blog, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts for more styling ideas.

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