Black Curtain Drapes

From the desired needs of event planners, do-it-yourself wedding brides, or tradeshow professionals, our stunning collection of Black Curtain Drapes will be sure to add emphasis to select areas of your venue to complete your event decor! Proudly offering our premium collection of black curtain drapes at low wholesale prices, be sure to allow our stunning black drapes to capture a beautiful scene behind your big moment! Hang multiple panels side by side for a seamless look, or use in a doorway or window to take any room from ordinary to extraordinary! Backdrop panels are also perfect to draw the attention of your guest to the live band or DJ booth at your event. In addition, our elegant black curtain event drapes create beautiful and memorable trade show booths. Inexpensive wedding backdrops are just a click away at CV Linens!

CV Linens not only offers a lavish and elegant variety of black curtain drapes, we also offer the most practical options! Our large selection common drape heights include 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft drapes and common drape widths of 54”, 58”, 60”, 112” and 118” wide. The wide range of drape sizes and fabrics will ensure you find the drape that is perfectly suited for all your event’s needs.Does your venue require a high-performance material that not only looks fantastic, but can stand up to absolutely anything? Then our Poly Premier Fire-Retardant Drape Backdrop and our Sheer Voile Fire-Retardant Drape Backdrops are the perfect solutions! Many venues require draping and scenic theater fabrics to be flame retardant. At CV Linens, we ensure our Fire-Retardant Drape Backdrops curtains are upscale, yet affordable choice for backdrops with a guaranteed fire-retardant performance! With their everlasting durability, both materials are a great investment in the safety and beauty of your special event. Be sure to drape and gather our Sheer Voile over our Poly Premier for an elegant and effortless look!

Perhaps you are on the search for an eye-striking Black curtain drape? If so, you come to the right page! We are proud to offer some of the most appealing black drape curtains, along with their unbeatable wholesale prices you will not encounter elsewhere! Consider our Black Sequin Curtain drapes for a glitz and glam event affair! We proudly offer two exquisite Sequin Black Drape styles; our traditional glimmering Glitz Sequin drapes, or our stunning Large Payette sequin sewn on mesh! Another alternative to our traditional sequin drapes is our Fringe Sequin drapes. If black sequin drapes are not your go-to style, consider our smooth velvet drapes or our silky sheen Satin Stripe Black & White stripe drapes! Be on-trend and create a sensation with our Stripe Satin Drape/Backdrop Panels! For effortless cohesion, be sure to pair our striped silky black & White drapes with our stunning satin table linens as well!

There is no doubt an appealing backdrop is one of the main party highlights at all events! Be sure to leave your guests mesmerized by creating a gorgeous backdrop set up with the help of our Pipe & Drapes parts to effortlessly display your Black Curtain Drape panels! Not only are all black drapes a great investment due to their versatile tone, but they are also completely functional for various uses! Shop our stunning collection of Black Curtain drapes now!
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