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Trending Dusty Rose Wedding Color Palettes

Planning a wedding involves choosing the right color palette, which plays a crucial role in setting the tone for the event and creating a cohesive and memorable aesthetic.

Recently, dusty rose wedding colors have been gaining popularity as a trending color option. This unique shade of pink is versatile and can be combined with a range of other colors to produce a stunning wedding color palette. 

What Color Is Dusty Rose?

Dusty rose (also known as mauve) is an intensely romantic and sophisticated color that perfectly compliments many different colors, making it a perfect option for any wedding color scheme. It is closely related to fall colors because of the warm tones it produces. 

Why Use Dusty Rose For Your Event Decor?

The dusty rose color palette is the perfect color for event decor because it's simultaneously soft and elegant. It's a dull color but in the best way imaginable as it can double as a tinted neutral color! The fact that it’s a gorgeous muted shade that isn't too bright makes it more sophisticated and ensures that any event feels mature.

The dusty hue easily pairs with other neutral, jewel tones, and many more colors! Whether someone wants to use gold accent colors or burgundy ones, dusty rose is the perfect foundation for any number of color schemes.

When someone is planning a wedding, they want their event decor to invoke feelings of romance and magic. Dusty rose is the perfect color for doing this. It isn't so bright as to be over the top or overbearing, but it's the right hue for inspiring feelings of love and passion. For this reason, using mauve as an event theme color will make sure that everyone understands the gentle, delicate, and passionate nature of the love the newlyweds share.

Dusty Rose and Gold Cake

How can Dusty Rose be Incorporated in a Wedding?

Trending Dusty Rose Wedding Color Palettes

Since dusty rose is a picturesque and photogenic color, it makes for the perfect bridesmaid dresses. Not only is it elegant in any dress style but it’s also one of the most flattering colors for all skin complexions, ensuring the bridesmaids appear flawless and radiant. It also goes with most makeup styles as a subtle but noticeable color that enhances most eye colors.

A mauve tablecloth with eye catching texture is the perfect decor item to go with a light pink, ivory, or white bridal bouquet. The couple can create a cohesive color scheme by getting matching dusty rose napkins, table runners, chair accents, wedding invitations, and photo backdrops. There are so many places they can use the color to make their wedding ceremony and reception feel romantic and magical. This versatile color can be incorporated effortlessly into wedding decor for big or small details. There are so many ways to get creative and explore using your color scheme to enhance the event's atmosphere and ambiance!

Trending Dusty Rose Wedding Color Palettes
Trending Dusty Rose Wedding Color Palettes

How to Style any Event Using Dusty Rose Color Schemes

Mauve is a beautiful and sophisticated color for all events, whether or not they're romantically motivated. Since it's more subdued, it makes a great color for classic dinner parties, bridal showers, quinceañeras, sweet sixteens, baby showers, and so much more! This versatile shade has a subtle hue between pink and warm purple tones, which compliments both men and women alike. 

In fact, when paired with the right palette, it can be used for corporate events as well! If black, white, or navy blue is used as the primary color, mauve accents add a sophisticated and professional look. These accents are unique enough that people will take note of them as well, which means that a company's gathering will stand out to employees and potential clients alike.

The Best Dusty Rose Color Palettes

No matter what event you're hosting, there are many different trendy mauve color palettes to choose from. Next, we're going to talk about some of the colors that go best with this neutral rose tone and how both colors can be incorporated into the event decor.

Read on to learn what colors go with dusty rose and for some of the most popular dusty rose color scheme options that all event planners and brides are sure to love!

Dusty Rose and Ivory

Trending Dusty Rose Wedding Color Palettes

One of the most popular dusty rose color combination for brides throughout the world and a true staple of wedding decor is ivory. It's common practice to see ivory used for a bride’s wedding dress, bouquet, wedding cake, ceremony chair sashes, reception table decor and more! This pure and perfect off white color can be seen just about anywhere at a wedding due to it's warm and inviting atmosphere and soft elegance which can be missed by using a crisp white.

Trending Dusty Rose Wedding Color Palettes

Dusty rose looks great with all neutral and light toned shades. Naturally, pairing it with ivory makes for a dream combination of warm and inviting colors. Cream is also a soft off white with a warm undertone similar to ivory but with a stronger yellow under tone that also pairs beautifully with dusty rose. Additionally, a brides dress in ivory off white looks fantastic next to bridesmaids dressed in the muted pink color.

Dusty Rose and Dusty Blue

Trending Dusty Rose Wedding Color Palettes
dusty rose wedding table
Dusty Rose Wedding Bouquet

When asking the question “what color goes with dusty rose?”, you can't go wrong with dusty blue! Dusty shades are all the rage and dusty blue is equally as trendy and charming as dusty rose so paring them together only makes sense. Luckily both these muted shades are perfect for any season and occasion! 

These two complementary colors bring out the best of each other and make for dreamy memorable decor. Whether your primary color is rose or blue, the end product will be stunning especially when adding other colors into the mix to compliment the season! 

Slate blue and subdued cornflower hues are similar to dusty rose and are also perfect for events that use dusty rose decor. The contrast also looks good within the wedding parties attire and can be alternated for men and women. Most importantly is the small decor details like the beautiful floral arrangements that can be made with this color combination as well as the table decor and chair decor using dusty blue sashes and table runners

Dusty Rose and Gold

Trending Dusty Rose Wedding Color Palettes
wedding place card
gold charger plates

Gold is a unique and radiant color that nothing else can quite compare with. It invokes feelings of rarity and riches, which is perfect for a wedding that celebrates a rare relationship with a wealth of passion! Adding gold to your wedding color scheme whether as a primary color, an accent color, or a metallic accent always adds instant luxury! Gold is always a sure-fire way to make any event scream elegance and glamour. When gold is paired with dusty rose you have a winning combination!

Dusty rose is the perfect color to go with gold. Its subdued hue brings out the gold charger plates, gleam and glimmer of golden centerpiece decor items and lets them shine and stand out as the glamorous eye catching pieces they are. Gold also helps make the mauve appear brighter and more luminescent, too. This mutually beneficial color pairing is something to seriously consider for weddings as well as baby showers, bridal showers, birthday bashes and more!

Dusty Rose and Burgundy

Dusty Rose Drapery Fabric
Trending Dusty Rose Wedding Color Palettes
Trending Dusty Rose Wedding Color Palettes

This color combination is the reflection of the love celebrated at weddings! The romance provided by the deep burgundy tones enhance the vintage appeal dusty rose provides for a stunning look! While a deep color like burgundy is often associated with fall weddings, using it as an accent color can make this color scheme perfect year-round. The addition of other pinks such as rose gold and eye catching greenery help brighten up the palette while gray and champagne add a warm and neutral touch for the colder months. 

The accent colors can drastically alter this color combination to fit any season, theme, and event! Heightened by the right choice of colors and materials, the addition of gold accents brings out the richness of both colors ensuring this combination is full of elegance and sophistication. You can also add silver accents and silverware for a cool toned atmosphere perfect for winter weddings!

Dusty Rose and Lavender

Trending Dusty Rose Wedding Color Palettes
Trending Dusty Rose Wedding Color Palettes
Trending Dusty Rose Wedding Color Palettes

Lavender is another beautiful color that goes beautifully with dusty rose. Since mauve carries subtle purple undertones, they combine to create a sophisticated color scheme that nothing else can match up with. 

Pink and purple also are analogous colors, which is a sure-fire way for people to ensure that their color palette matches properly and looks cohesive. 

The addition of soft pastel colors like lilac and mint will be sure to complement the subtle springtime energy! However, this color palette also works like a charm for summer weddings, and winter weddings depending on the other accent colors and wedding theme.

Dusty Rose and Navy Blue

Trending Dusty Rose Wedding Color Palettes
navy blue wedding table
navy blue suit

Symbolizing confidence, and loyalty, it's easy to see why navy blue is the truly classic wedding color and a great dusty rose complementary color. When paired with the trendy dusty rose hue, a stunning and well-balanced color scheme will be achieved that compliments any special event during any season

The modern elegance of the deep blue tone from navy blue with the light and neutral pink from the rose tone makes for a color palette perfect for weddings and other special black tie events!

Dusty rose is the more sophisticated version of pastel pink, which many use for baby showers, birthday parties and summer and spring weddings. When paired with navy and the right accents this combination can transform any event into any desired style. 

You can even add pearls, lace, or burlap accents to dress down the palette for a chic rustic or vintage themed event. Add dazzling sequins linens in silver or gold for more glamorous event celebrations and to have the perfect dusty rose complementary color!

The Perfect Wedding Color for Every Season

While there's many different color schemes that people can use for their many different occasions, dusty rose is the perfect addition for any occasion. Not only due to this romantic colors dusty hue but because it pairs well with almost any color and can be used for any season or event theme!

Looking for a dusty rose color event supplies isn’t that hard. With CV Linens, the leader in wholesale tablecloths and more, you can get all your party supplies in one place without worrying too much about hassle and shipping fees.

With all these trendy color palettes and wedding inspiration will you incorporate dusty rose into your wedding color scheme? This stunning color will not disappoint, once you see this color in person you'll want to style everything in this dreamy color, even yourself! 

Start by shopping for dusty rose linens at an affordable price. We offer a wide variety of linens and accents including tablecloths in multiple styles, backdrop drapes, napkins, and more, so everyone is sure to find something they love!

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