How To Decorate A Cake Stand

Cakes are an enduring component for all special occasions. Whether it be romantic weddings, fun birthday parties, or intimate get-togethers, cakes are never out of place. How you present your cakes leaves a lasting impression on your guests. 

If you’re curious about how to decorate a cake stand for a wedding, this guide has got you covered. This will ensure that the cakes at your events will stand out.

Cake Stand Design Ideas

cupcake and cake stands

When it comes to decorating cake stands, the most important detail you have to consider is the design theme. Beyond their practical function, how you decorate your cake stand can raise their visual appeal.

For weddings, surrounding your cake table with an arrangement of roses is an enduring and romantic choice. This adds more depth and character to your cake setup, which can also serve as the centerpiece for your wedding stage.

For minimalist weddings, pair your cake stand with a clean, white linen tablecloth to keep things simple yet endearing. Simplicity is key for a minimalist setup, which is why it is important to use very neat linen on your tables.

3 Tier Acrylic Cupcake Stand - Round

Another idea is to incorporate candles and candelabras into your cake stand decor to emphasize the height of your cakes. The height difference can make your stand and cake stand out even more. Just like how adding roses can give more character to your overall design, these table additions can also add sophistication to it.

Coordinating your cake and table linen is also a subtle way to turn your cake decor into a visual centerpiece that will entice your guests. Pair your cake with cupcakes or additional desserts and display them with 3-tier acrylic stands, to create a one-stop dessert station. Sure to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth. Not only can it serve multiple purposes, but it can also give the impression of having more treats for everyone to make it look grander.

Cake Stand Types

Cake stands come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Each type of cake stand offers different advantages. Additionally, the way you decorate each one differs.

Clear acrylic cake stands are durable cake stands with a neutral color that can be paired with a variety of design choices. Crystal cake stands offer an elegant touch when displaying cakes at your event and blend well with modern themes.

Square 18"x18" Crystal Cake Stand - Gold Plated
Clear Acrylic Cake Box Stand 14"x14"

If you’re curious to know how to decorate a 3 tier cake stand, this guide has got you covered. Utilize the additional height of 3-tier acrylic stands by adding design elements such as flowers toward the middle tier. This will make your tallest tier stand out even more.

For a bold choice, you can opt to have multiple single-layer cakes rather than one multi-tiered cake for your event. Display them with 3 pc/set Luxe Round Cake Display Stands. This allows you to have different flavored cakes at your event.

3 pc/set Luxe Round Cake Display Stands - Gold

There are multiple ways to decorate your cake stands though you have to consider how they fit with your event themes. Ultimately, the choice is yours to make and we hope this guide can help you make that choice.

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