How To Fold Chair Covers Properly

There’s something about chair covers that make them turn even the most ordinary chairs into focal points. They come in a variety of colors, materials, and sizes. There are also covers for multiple types of chairs, including banquet, folding, and Chiavari. They are essential elements in any event; thus, keeping them in good condition is very important.

Folding chair covers will reduce wrinkles and creases and protect against damage while in storage or transit. Whether you intend to store your covers in between occasions or are preparing for an event and need to transport them, folding them properly will help maintain the quality of these decors.

Folding Spandex Chair Cover - Black
Spandex Stretch Banquet Chair Cover - Emerald Green

Preparing Your Covers For Folding

Before folding your chair covers, ensure they are entirely clean and dry. Start by checking each cover for any stains or spills. Remove any stains promptly, then allow the cover to dry before folding.

Folding soiled and damp covers can cause mold growth, an unpleasant odor, and fabric damage. Prepare your chair covers to help them last longer and stay in their perfect shape.

Basic Folding Techniques

Learn the basic techniques to effectively fold your chair covers. Follow these simple instructions for various chair cover types:

How to fold banquet chair covers?

Spandex Banquet Chair Cover - Black

Place the banquet chair cover on a flat, clean surface. Smooth out any wrinkles or creases. Fold the cover in half lengthwise, from one long edge to the other. Fold it in half again, bringing the top edge to the bottom. Continue folding until you get a small rectangular shape that is ideal for your storage space. 

How to fold folding chair covers?

Folding Spandex Chair Cover - Ivory

Lay your folding chair cover flat on a clean surface. Fold it in half widthwise. Align one short edge with the other to get a narrower strip of fabric. Fold the chair cover in half again, bringing the top edge down to the bottom edge. Make sure to smooth out any wrinkles along the fold.

Folding universal chair covers

Universal Satin Self Tie Chair Cover - Bright Gold

Lay your universal chair cover flat on a clean surface and fold it in half diagonally, bringing one corner down to the opposite corner. Fold it in half again, aligning the two folded edges and forming a triangle. Smooth out any wrinkles while folding.

Folding spandex chair covers

Folding Spandex Chair Cover - Burgundy

Place the spandex cover flat on a clean, smooth surface. Fold it in half lengthwise, aligning the top and bottom sides. Fold it in half once more and bring the bottom to the top edge. Smooth out the folded cover to eliminate any wrinkles and air pockets. Make sure the edges are aligned to create a clean fold.

Advanced Folding Techniques

Some covers are made of delicate materials or may include intricate embellishments. You may need to use a different folding style to maintain their look and quality.

Use methods such as rolling, layering, or bundling to protect them against wrinkles and creases. Rolling your chair covers into a compact bundle also helps you save space.

If they include extra accessories such as bows or flowers, especially for wedding chair covers, fold them carefully along their natural creases or edges. You can also fold them in half or thirds, but be careful not to deform their shapes. Ensure that they stay flat while in storage.

Tips for Efficient Folding

Follow these tricks to simplify your folding process and care for your stored covers:

  • Use a folding board or a DIY template to guarantee that all of your chair covers have identical folds.
  • Do not overfold or compress your linen too much. This may result in deep folds and wrinkles.
  • Label or color-code your folded covers for easy access and identification, especially during gatherings and events.
  • Select a storage space that is well-ventilated, dry, and free of sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperatures.
  • Protect your chair covers from dust, moisture, and pests by storing them in breathable bags or containers.
  • Inspect your stored covers regularly for any signs of damage, tears, stains, or loose threads. Check for mold growth and evidence of bugs or insects.
  • Wash stored chair covers regularly using gentle detergents. Dry them completely before folding and storing them again.

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