How to Iron Linen Napkins?

Linen napkins have been a timeless addition to finishing an elegant dining setup. The soft and fine linen exudes an understated luxury that raises any event. Whether you’re hosting a lavish wedding or a relaxed party with friends, linen napkins can add more character to your event. 

Polished napkins enhance your event’s dining experience, making your guests feel appreciated. Knowing how to iron linen napkins ensures they’re kept in pristine condition and ready to use for your next special occasion.

Ironing your Linen Napkins

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A helpful tip when ironing linens is to remove your linen napkins from the dryer while they are still damp. Doing so will help make the fabric easier to work while ironing.

If you're wondering how hot to set iron for linen napkins, the best way to iron linen napkins is by using the high heat setting. Take note not to overwork the iron on delicate fabrics such as satin napkins, as long exposure to high heat may cause damage.

Ironing linen napkins is a simple procedure, first lay your napkin on a flat surface, preferably an ironing board. 

  1. With your iron on high heat, work over the entirety of your napkin pressing on creases to release them. 
  2. Once your napkin is wrinkle-free, fold it in half lengthwise and lightly press the iron over the folded napkin. 
  3. Fold the napkin once again and iron it one last time, then your napkin will be perfectly ironed.

Linen Napkin Maintenance

folded table linens

Ironing has been an enduring practice when it comes to maintaining linens. While alternative methods like wrinkle-release sprays and handheld steamers have become more popular, ironing linen napkins has remained a reliable way to keep your linen napkins crips.

Washing Before Ironing

Before ironing, make sure to wash your linens to remove any dirt or stains. Remember to wash them on a delicate cycle. Shy away from harsh detergents as they can damage your linens.

Ready for Use

If you’re planning to use them after ironing, simply fold the napkin into your desired shape. If you’re planning a wedding and looking for design inspiration our wedding napkin fold guide can help you. 


If you’re not using the linens after ironing, storing them ensures they’re kept safe until they’re ready for use. Fold and store your linens in a storage container and put them away in a dry area. For more in-depth tips on how to iron and fold linen napkins, our cloth napkin storage guide has got you covered.

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