How to Store Cloth Napkins Using the Fold Method

One of the reasons our customers love wholesale linens is that they can reuse them for numerous events, especially our napkins. Although our linens are durable, without proper storage techniques they may not last as long as they’re designed to. 

There’s more than one way to store napkins, but in this post, we’ll go over how to store cloth napkins using the fold method. The cloth napkin folding method is great for practical accessibility or if you have a limited napkin inventory. Learn how to fold cloth napkins elegantly for storage. Be sure to check our video tutorial on how to store cloth napkins using the fold method for a demonstration guide.

Napkin Folding Step-by-Step Instructions

Before You Begin…

Make sure your napkins are clean. Most of our napkins are machine washable, so all you have to do is follow our easy instructions for the material you’re using. For proper storage of cloth napkins, folding is only one party. You have to make sure they’re clean before you store them.

Managing Soiled Cloth Napkins

Handling dirty cloth napkins requires careful consideration. To ensure cleanliness, store used napkins in a designated hamper or laundry bag until washing. Pre-treat any stains according to fabric care instructions before laundering. Consider separating heavily soiled napkins from lightly used ones to optimize washing efficiency. After laundering, fold them neatly and store them in a clean, dry area to maintain freshness until their next use.

Step One: Iron Your Napkins

Once your linen napkins are completely dry from their pre-storage wash it’s time to iron them. Ironing your napkins before storage will prevent any unwanted wrinkles from creasing while they’re tucked away.

Step Two: Fold


First, fold your napkin in half horizontally. Next, fold it in half horizontally again. Finally, fold your napkin horizontally for a final time.

Step Three: Storage Arrangement

Step-3: Storage-Arrangement
Step-3: Storage-Arrangement

We recommend using a container with an easily removable top to store cloth napkins. Storing them in an easy-to-open container makes them readily accessible for your next event. Before putting your napkins away, cut and place a fitted piece of acid-free tissue paper on the bottom of your container to help preserve the fabric.

You can use any container that is at least 10 inches high by 6 inches wide. How large your container is will depend on how many napkins you need to store.

Arrange your napkins standing up. This allows them to stay organized and makes them easy to put in and take out. Once they’re arranged to your liking take your acid-free tissue paper and cut a rough 9.5 inch by 5 inch rectangle. Place the rectangle between the first and second napkin in your container and repeat as needed, so each napkin has acid-free tissue on both sides.

Step Four: Maintenance

Step-4: Maintenance

Once your napkins are stored be sure to keep them in a cool, dry area to avoid damaging the fabric. We suggest storing napkins for no more than three months without taking them out and re-doing the storage process. If napkins sit for an extended period there may be excess stress put on certain areas, which can cause near-permanent creasing.

Decorating with 10 Basic Napkin Folds


The best thing about keeping your table linens well stored is that they look new and polished for every party. Dress your tables with only the best table napkins and elegant napkin folds.

The art of napkin folding adds flair and elegance to table settings. Here are ten basic cloth napkin folding ideas that can elevate your dining presentation:

1. Rectangular Fold: Lay the napkin flat, then fold it in half to form a rectangle. Fold it in half again, creating a smaller rectangle, and place it on the plate or in a napkin holder.

2. Triangle Fold (Pyramid): Begin with the napkin laid flat. Fold it in half diagonally to form a triangle. Fold the two corners of the longest side towards the top corner, creating a smaller triangle. Place it with the open end facing away.

3. Envelope Fold: Lay the napkin flat, fold it in half, then fold the top layer down about one-third. Flip the napkin over and fold the two sides towards the center, creating an envelope-like shape.

4. Rose Fold: Lay the napkin flat and fold it in half diagonally to form a triangle. Starting from the widest end, roll the napkin tightly towards the tip, then tuck the loose end into the bottom to create a rose shape.

5. Fan Fold: Lay the napkin flat and fold it accordion-style back and forth until the entire napkin is folded. Pinch it in the middle and fold it in half to create a fan-like appearance.

6. Bishop's Hat Fold: Begin with the napkin laid flat. Fold it in half diagonally to form a triangle. Fold the bottom corners of the triangle up to meet the tip, then fold the two flaps downwards to create a hat-like shape.

7. Candle Fold: Start with a rectangular fold. Roll the napkin lengthwise tightly, then fold it in half. Insert a decorative holder or ribbon around the middle to create the appearance of a candle.

8. Bird of Paradise Fold: Lay the napkin flat and fold it in half diagonally to form a triangle. Fold the top layer down, leaving a small portion unfolded. Flip the napkin and fold the two sides towards the center, then tuck the corners underneath to create a pocket-like shape.

9. Rosebud Fold: Begin with the napkin laid flat and fold it in half diagonally to form a triangle. Roll the napkin tightly, starting from the widest end towards the tip, leaving a small portion unrolled to resemble a rosebud.

10. Sail Fold: Lay the napkin flat, and fold it in half diagonally to form a triangle. Fold the two bottom corners up towards the top corner to form a sail-like shape.

Experimenting with these basic napkin folds allows for creativity and adds a touch of sophistication to any dining occasion, whether casual or formal. Mix and match with different styles like our dusty blue cloth napkins, a popular option for weddings. Top off your napkin fold with an elegant napkin ring holder.

For a classic tablescape dress your tables with 60 x 102 tablecloth and 120-inch round tablecloth as a base. Set a crystal candle holder centerpiece - in the middle of your tablescape to catch your guests’ attention. Top off with matching banquet chair covers for a clean and elegant look.

Storing Linens has Never Been Easier Than with the Fold Method

You’ll most likely need to iron your napkins again before use, but the good news is you’ll only need to go over the areas where they were lightly folded! Whether you need napkins for your next event or just want to spruce up your dining room, don’t forget to take a look at the wide selection we have. 

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