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Romantic Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

Surprise your loved ones with our collection of Valentine’s day decoration ideas. The season of loving and caring is here again and it’s time to prepare your home for the most romantic season ever.

Whether you plan to spend your night out with your partner, family, or friends, preparing for this occasion can help you spread more love to your home and make it cute and homey like no other.

1. Fairy Light Garlands

fairy lights

On every occasion, we tend to use garlands to decorate our homes. For V-day, you can cut out fuchsia, pink, and red colored felt papers into hearts and hang them by your staircase. 

Make it light by using fairy lights to hold them together. The hearts should shine and use the pulsating effect of the lights to emulate a beating heart.

2. Pride Curtains

rainbow hearts

Just like how you would do the heart garlands as stated above, create pride-colored heart curtains to show your love to your partner. 

Cut heart-shaped papers of the colors of the rainbow and hang it by a window to serve as a curtain.

3. Dinner By The Fireplace

dinner by the fireplace

Valentine’s day happens on a weekend this year. ​​While waiting for your date to arrive from work, set up a small table by the fireplace, where you two would have dinner. 

Place candles by the fireplace and set a warm mood light for a romantic candlelight dinner.

You can throw in a crystal candle holder centerpiece as well.

4. Grand Home-Cooked Menu

baking cookies

Dinner for two. Or three. Or Four. Depending on how many kids you have, if you have any, prepare a warm and delightful dinner for everyone.

As a great idea, you can bake heart-shaped cookies with your kids and have them ready for dinner.

Set up your table with a red linen table cloth and a white chiffon table runner for a romantic dinner with your family or loved one.

For more valentine’s day party supplies, check out our website for discounted linens and more.

5. Simple Flower Vase

hearts and flowers

A simple Valentine's decoration you could do to set the mood in your home is by using freshly picked flowers from your garden and then placing them in a DIY flower vase.

You can use an old mug as a vase, which you could place in the center of the table.

6. Rose Backdrop

flower wall backdrop

Fill a wall in your home with roses and use them for photo opportunities. You can also place your table by the rose backdrop and have your romantic dinner with these lovely Valentine’s day decor ideas.

7. Valentine’s Party Invitation

valentine cards

If you want to invite your friends or family create a cute invitation with your child by cutting out heart-shaped colored papers and sticking them on an envelope with the invite.

You can write a poem as an invitation and will be a great way to invite people over.

8. Living Room of Love

living room valentines setup

Take time to surprise your spouse with wonderful V-Day decor in your living room. You can scatter rose petals on the floor, stick red balloons to the wall, and change the throw pillowcases of your sofa to red.

9. Valentine’s Kitchen

valentine's day decoration

To complete the Valentine’s day party theme of your home, you can decorate your kitchen with simple red accents like a heart-shaped balloon or even a flower vase full of roses.

Spoil your boyfriend or girlfriend by baking fresh cookies or cake for you to enjoy.

10. Candleholder

heart candles

If you are into sculpting or clay molding, you can create heart candleholders.

For those who are not, you can always DIY an acrylic or wooden box and add hearts around it for design.

11. Heart Wreath

heart wreath

Wreaths are not just for the holidays. It can also be used for Valentine’s Day as well. 

Create a heart-shaped wreath using some dried flowers and some wires then add an accent of red roses to complete the look.

12. The Light of Love

love neon lights

Add a glow to your home with some neon lights that say “love.” This sign can also be used all year round to spread love and positivity around your home.

13. Decorate You Food

valentine cookies

Decorate your food as well by attaching small hearts to your shrimp or meat skewers. In preparation for your hearty lunch or dinner, attach the hearts after you fry or grill your proteins.

14. Valentine’s Tree

heart tree branches

It’s not only at Christmas time can we put up a tree inside our house. You can put it up on V-day as well.

Use a plant pot or a vase to hold up long twigs and branches and hang hearts onto the ends. If you feel like giving gifts to each other, you can place your gifts under the tree and open them on Valentine’s Day.

15. Bedroom Accents

valentine candles

Let’s not forget to decorate your bedroom. It is where the night ends and the loving continues. 

Set the mood as you hit the sack by adding tea lights on your bed and adding hearts clipped onto some wooden clothespins. 

It may be a small detail but your partner will surely appreciate it.


These Valentine’s Day decoration ideas are simple yet romantic. They can be a great addition to your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or anywhere in your home. It is a loving day that we should all commemorate to show our appreciation and love for our friends, family, and loved ones.

Don’t forget to show your appreciation and love to your family and share your own ideas with us.

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