New Year’s Party Decoration

There IS Such a Thing as a Flawless New Year’s Party

new year's cocktail table with gold payette sequin tablecloth and silver glitz sequin drape

Easy Tricks For an Excellent New Year’s Party

Ring in the new year with a glamorous party and glittering sequin linens. Sparkling decor can only take you so far…you have to know how to work it! The key to transforming your typical New Year’s party decor into total luxury is a simple shift in furniture. Want to upgrade a basic New Year’s house party into glamorous soiree? Add some cocktail tables!


New Year’s Cocktail Table or Secret Weapon?

Cocktail tables will keep your guests socializing and your decor fresh! Here are a few tips to creating the best shining cocktail tables for your New Year’s Eve bash.

Begin with Your Cocktail Tables 

Be sure you have the correct size tablecloth to maximize the effect of your New Year’s cocktail tables! You can rent or purchase cocktail tables with several different heights and tabletop sizes. It’s always better to have a little extra tablecloth rather than a tablecloth that’s too short. If you’re unsure what size tablecloth you will need for your New Year’s cocktail table, we suggest using a standard 132″ round tablecloth. For a more precise list, you can measure your tabletop and table height then get in touch with our Customer Service department for advice.

Bring on the Gold 

Make your New Year’s cocktail table a sensation by using Payette Sequin Tablecloths! The oversized, twinkling sequins will give your cocktail table breathtaking appeal.

Accessorize to Astound 

Finish your New Year’s cocktail table look by tying a sash around the pole of the cocktail table. We chose to pair silver and gold for a fresh look.


Set The Mood For Your New Year’s Party

Rearrange the Furniture 

When you’re setting the scene for your New Year’s Party, picture the mood you’re aiming for. Keep your guests alert and active! Chic nightclubs are bustling with cocktail tables for congregating. By adding cocktail tables to your venue, you are encouraging your guests to stand and mingle instead of sit and think of snoozing. Add a few cocktail tables and your guests will be ready to dance the night away!

Serve a Countdown Cocktail 

Champagne is go-to New Year’s toast, but don’t be afraid to add your own signature touch! Add edible rock candy sticks to give your guests a memorable detail and make your champagne extra sweet.

Make a Killer Playlist 

The key to keeping the party momentum going is pumping out the hot jams! If you are not much of a DJ, try Spotify or Youtube for a preassembled playlist to keep things fresh.


Shop the Look


Show Off Your New Year’s Party Decor

Reserve your cocktail tables and stock up on the sequins, New Years is right around the corner! Don’t forget to post your holiday party decor on our Facebook wall!


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