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How To Start a Small Event Decorating Business

When you are passionate about decorating, hosting, and organizing beautification, event decorating business is right for you. Working with clients and organizing various events will take up most of your day. The evening will be spent overseeing the event's successful operation. You control your schedule, who you work with, and how much you charge. 

It is your responsibility to use all available and best decorative items to make the event as unique as possible. Launching a business requires effort, time, and knowledge above everything else. Fortunately, this guide provides the knowledge and guidance you'll need on how to start a small event decorating business.

What does event decorating business do?

decorating the ceiling

An event decorator's duties include developing an event theme based on the client's concept and arranging decorations appropriately, then suggesting ideas. This includes choosing the appropriate colors, materials, and event items. Similarly, it also includes arranging furniture, decorations, and lighting for the venue. Your creativity will be a key skill for this kind of business. 

Choose your Niche

business plan

Choose a niche before you start anything for event decor business ideas. People are more likely to hire an expert in a particular field than they are to hire someone who performs "fine" at any party. Pick a niche, such as decorating for family gatherings, birthdays, weddings, graduations, conventions, or conferences. You can keep your attention on your target market and focus by specializing in a particular area.

Create your Website

creating website

One of the best marketing strategies is building a website. Your website has to list your contact information, services, and prices. Include images of the work you've accomplished or plan to complete, as well as client testimonials.

Be financially ready

financially ready

For any business, including your event decorating company, finding a source of money is essential. You should get funding via a loan or investment, depending on the size and scope of your business.

You have three alternatives for financing:

  • Applying for a conventional bank loan
  • Looking for investors
  • Even looking into crowdfunding platforms 

Just be sure to conduct your study and comprehend the requirements for each option before deciding to support your finances in starting your business. 

Create your Portfolio

build your portfolio

Make a list of potential customers as part of your business plan for event decoration. Ask family members to decorate their houses for significant events and take photos if there are no previous client photos of your work. If you still need to, you can work two or three free jobs to get pictures. 

Take lots of beautiful images every time you decorate a party, then add them to your portfolio. More clients will come your way if you let your work speak for itself. Additionally, this will enable your former clients to promote your expertise to others.

Social Media for Business Promotion

social media promotions

You should set up the necessary social media channels after creating your website. Concentrate on the ones your clients utilize most frequently. It will generate significant progress with your objectives. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the best places to concentrate your efforts on a party decoration business. As often as you can, make sure to advertise your presence. Collecting event decor business names from different platforms can be your guide about how they run their business. 

The most recent style right now is to continue updating social media. Many people often use social media for many purposes. Using this platform, one may become the best in the decoration industry. It is better to use the social media platforms that are the most relevant to your intended audience. Once there, begin posting frequently.

Set a Meeting Place 

business proposal

Choose a location for your client meetings. You may do it at home if you have a room in your house that is ideal for client meetings. Alternatively, you can get an office or decide to arrange client meetings at a suitable restaurant. 

Plan How Much You Should Charge for your Services

set a price

The type of decorations you provide, the required level of experience, and the size of the event will all affect how much you charge for your decorating services and the supplies, such as tablecloths, centerpieces, chair covers, and chair sashes like burgundy organza chair sashes and event fabric curtains. 

If you drastically increase your rates, it may need to be clarified and off-putting to customers. If you misjudge your running costs and cost of living, you may find that you need to charge more. 

On the other side, you might have difficulties finding clients if your prices are far more than the going rate in your region. You may prevent both of these issues by accounting for all expenses related to party planning and decorating and figuring out how much profit you need to stay in business. Consider this while planning on how to start a small event decorating business.

What Are The Things You Need For an Event Decoration Business?

Event Supplies

Stock up on all the materials you'll need to organize an event, including decorations, event linens, wholesale chair covers (including chair sash buckles), balloons, centerpieces, and many more. CV Linens is one of the most known brands that can supply startup and established event decoration businesses. 


For outdoor lighting setups, this could mean items like ladders and extension cords or things like a hot glue gun on fabric draping for event draping projects.


To transfer your supplies and tools from one event to the next, you'll need a dependable mode of transportation. This could be as simple as having access to a car. It would help if you considered renting a larger van or truck.

Additional Staff

As your company expands, you might need to hire more staff. Think about having a group of individuals to assist with more significant tasks or events.

Start your business now!

If you have a creative eye and a sense of entrepreneurship, the event decor business is an excellent venture to jump in. In addition to being financially rewarding, it also gives you a chance to use your creativity and collaborate with various people while accomplishing extraordinary achievements. 

Establishing a network of potential suppliers, locations, and technical experts would be advantageous. You can start also by giving out business cards, an event decorator’s business cards can be helpful too as part of event decor business ideas. 

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