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How to Easily Swag a Tablecloth


A gorgeous swag has the power to transform a plain table into a jaw-dropping specialty table. Once you learn how to swag a tablecloth you can apply it to a wedding reception, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, you name it! The design possibilities are endless. You can even apply this method to draping for stunning backdrop designs.


Linens Used in Swag Tablecloth Video

Economy Polyester Tablecloth 108" Round - TurquoisePolyester 108" Round Tablecloth - White

Economy Polyester Tablecloth 108" Round - TurquoiseSatin 108" Round Tablecloth - Bright Gold
Polyester-14ft-table-skirt-whitePolyester 14ft Table Skirt - White


Tablecloth Swag Step-by-Step Instructions

Step One

Before getting started on your swag make sure you have a tablecloth or table skirt underneath the linen you plan on swagging. Once your base table linen is set up place your swagging linen directly on top. Begin by finding the middle of your table. Once you find the middle point of your table pinch your swagging tablecloth about 7″ from the bottom.

Step Two

Make sure that your swagging tablecloth is pinched by your index finger and thumb. Using your opposite hand underneath the table cloth, push the fabric over your index finger and hold it with your middle finger. While holding the fabric tightly with your thumb and middle finger slide your index finger out. Switch the finger holding the pleats from your middle finger back to your index finger.

Step Three

You should now be holding a pleat in between your thumb and index finger. Repeat step two and put the same amount of fabric over your index finger with your non-dominant hand until you have another pleat. You’ll want to keep making pleats all the way up until you reach the desired height of your swag.

Step Four

Once you reach the top of the table hold all of your pleats firmly so that they stay in place while you pin. Lift up the excess fabric so that you can see the folds from the back of the tablecloth. Take a head pin or safety pin and push it through the folds to secure it in place. You will want to repeat this process to create as many swags needed for your desired look.


Try This Easy DIY For Your Next Event

Don’t be intimidated to try this for your next special event – the design looks more intricate than it is. Anyone can learn how to make a beautiful swag for their table or drapes. With these simple steps and a little practice you’ll be creating gorgeous table swags in no time!


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Yes love this pin I’m trying it for our wedding




This is a neat way to take a table from nice to stunning. Thanks for the tutorial!

Nancy Stoops

Absolutely beautiful

Frances McPherson

All thumbs up. This is exactly
how I plan to dress up my round
patio table for my July 4th
evening cocktail party.
Thank you,
Jerry G.


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