Glitz Sequin Mesh Net Fabric Roll

The luxurious glitz sequin mesh fabric roll is made of sparkly sequins, giving it a stunning effect. Perfect for sewing projects, craft projects, and costumes, this mesh net fabric is perfect for any occasion. With its soft mesh net feel, it will add a unique dimension to any event.

Why Buy from CV Linens

Add some sparkle and shine to your next project with a glitz sequin fabric mesh roll. This luxurious sequin net fabric is crafted from a blend of sequins, giving it an eye-catching shimmer. Its soft mesh-net texture adds a unique dimension to any design or look you create with it. Perfect for costumes, crafts, sewing projects, and even fashion accessories–this glitter netting fabric will be a show-stopper at your next event.

Features and Benefits of Glitz Sequin Mesh Net Fabric Roll

Glitz sequin mesh net fabric roll is the perfect choice for any special occasion. With its stunning combination of sequins and mesh-net texture, this mesh netting fabric has a unique aesthetic that will make any decor stand out. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it also offers some great features and benefits:

  • High durability – The fabric is resistant to tearing and fraying for extra longevity.
  • Lightweight – This fabric will not weigh down your project or make them bulky–perfect for accessories.
  • Easy to maintain – The material is easy to clean and maintain, so you can enjoy it for years to come with minimal effort.
  • Soft feel – Its soft mesh net texture adds dimension, making it comfortable to the touch as well as visually appealing.

Shapes, Sizes, and Colors

Glitz sequin mesh net fabric comes in 10 yds x 54" roll and colors including gold, rose gold, champagne, gold, silver, and black so you can find the perfect shade to match any theme. Plus, its lightweight construction will not weigh down your project.

Affordable Prices and Quality Products

Get the perfect glitz sequin mesh net fabric roll for your next project at wholesale prices. At CV Linens, you can find an impressive selection of high-quality mesh rolls in bulk sizes that are sure to fit any budget. Our fabric is lightweight and made with durable materials so you get exceptional quality without compromising affordability. With our wholesale mesh rolls in various colors, sizes, and styles, you will never have to worry about finding the perfect piece to complete your project.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 What is a glitz sequin mesh net fabric roll?

Glitz sequin mesh net is a type of fabric that features a series of small sequins connected by a thin mesh-like netting. It is often used to create garments and accessories that have an eye-catching, glamorous appeal.

What types of projects can I create with glitz sequin mesh net fabric roll?

Glitz sequin mesh net fabric is perfect for creating garments and accessories that require a few extra sparkles, such as bridal wear, costumes, and bags. It can also be used as an embellishment anywhere you require an extra touch of glamour.

Is glitz sequin mesh net fabric easy to use?

Glitz sequin mesh net fabric is surprisingly easy to work with because the thin nature of the material allows it to stretch and shape easily when sewn onto other fabrics or materials. Additionally, because the small beads are connected by a thin thread-like cord, they are unlikely to pull off while you are working with them.

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