Backdrop & Ceiling Draping Ideas for Special Events

Floor to Ceiling Draping Ideas for Your Next Event

One excellent way to turn any empty room into a party-ready venue is to decorate with beautiful, flowy layers of draping from floor to ceiling! With appropriate draping and venue lighting, you will instantly elevate your wedding reception, baby shower, birthday party, or any other events from ordinary to breathtaking.  

While learning how to drape backdrops with fabric may seem daunting for beginners, learning the basics of event draping is key to designing gorgeous backdrop designs, even when you are on a budget!

Fundamentals of  Event Draping

A draping kit for beginners should include a few basic drapes such as poly premier or sheer voile drapes as well as a pipe and drape set. CV Linens offers various pipe and drape kit bundles to choose from that include the bases, uprights, and a crossbar needed to design any backdrop draping idea. Additional accessories include valance hangers for a double backdrop design and S hooks to add additional decor. 

 When choosing your right drape stand support kit, consider whether to use a lightweight portable set perfect for photo booths or an industrial heavyweight pipe and drape systems for multi-layers of backdrops. The general rule is the total weight of your fabrics must be less than the weight of your pipe and drape set. 

 When shopping for drapes, be sure to have measurements of the venue. Take note of floor-to-ceiling height and width of walls for proper perimeter draping coverage. These measurements will help determine the size of the drapes and uprights and crossbars (drape support) needed. CV Linens offer adjustable telescopic pipes as well as assorted drape panels at different lengths so you are sure to find the perfect fabrics for your backdrop. 

For ceiling draping styles, white and ivory sheer voile ceiling draping are available as well as drape tubes, hoop ring kits, and ceiling hooks that will secure starburst or swagged draping designs in place.

elegant curtain backdrop

Quick and Simple Guide to Curtain Sizes

You might be asking yourself, how many backdrop panels do I need? 

 The answer depends on the size of the area you want to cover and the desired drape fullness. Venue draping designs can vary from a simple stage backdrop to gorgeous perimeter draping to cover the entire venue. This drape fullness calculator will help you find out how many drapes you need to have. If you plan a double-draping design, opt to mix and match different drape fabrics with different levels of drape fullness to create dimensional layers. 

 For ceiling drapery, you need to measure the length and width of the ceiling, or the diameter for circular ceilings. Often, you must multiply the total measurement to 130% to create the drapes. Hoop ring kits for circular ceiling drapes. If you want your ceiling drapes to reach the floor, also consider the height of the venue.  

 CV Linens offers a variation of sizes for ceiling drapes, from 20 feet to 40 feet. For different colors of fabrics, you may want to consider ordering fabric rolls. Our pipe and drape sets are easy to assemble, but, if you are having trouble with your pipe and drape sets, check this guide to resolve any issues you might encounter in putting together your draping.  


Draping Technique Ideas


Check these draping technique ideas for floor-to-ceiling draping for your next gatherings: 


  • Go for an All- White Affair

For special occasion such as weddings, an all-white color scheme is a timeless classic! Start with white sheer voile ceiling drapes to coordinate with an all-white backdrop design.. Add dimension to the design using a combination of white four-way spandex draping with 100% fullness then layer it with a white glitter tulle or a payette sequin draping to add just the right amount of sparkle.    To create a romantic effect, incorporate LED backdrop lighting and tall floral table centerpieces that draw guests' eyes from the floor to the ceiling.

All-white wedding backdrop with floral decor
    • Use Soft, Warm Pastels

Nothing is dreamier than spring garden wedding vibes!. Use solid pastel colors to create wall-to-wall ceiling drapery for your outdoor wedding. You can also get creative with asymmetrical draping for tent weddings.  For the backdrop create a faux flower wall and add layered pastel drapes on both sides of the backdrop.


Soft pastel colors for wedding backdrop
    • Mix and Match Vibrant Colors

For more modern wedding ideas, use vibrant-colored fabrics from ceiling to wall drapery. You may want to use thinner strips of fabric and use a hoop kit to decorate the ceiling with alternating colors. For the walls, also use alternating colors to match the ceiling.    Balance your vibrant surroundings with white or light-colored tablecloths and chair covers. Incorporate the same vibrant colors for the table-setting and other decorations.



Vibrant and tropical colors for outdoor draping ideas


  • Shades of Violet

For your next event, why not throw a Very Peri celebration! Use different shades of lavender for your ceiling decorations. If your venue has a beautiful chandelier in the middle, surround it with a starburst draping design. Use sheer voile draping to create dramatic lighting and use a matching crystal table centerpiece.  For the backdrop, use a more solid colored drape on both sides of a sequin wall panel for the center stage. You may also opt for LED neon signs to light up your venue.


ceiling draping ideas for tent weddings



  • “Fall” in love

Orange and green may be an odd color combination choice for a wedding, but trust us when we say that rustic-themed weddings create an elegant yet comfortable and relaxing vibe.    Layer different shades of chiffon drape panels for the backdrop. You may also use white or ivory to allow colors to stand out.  Use soft tulle fabric for the ceiling drapes, and hang them asymmetrically using hooks or wooden poles.


Rustic wedding decor idea




  • Flower and Fabric

You can also get creative with floral pieces. CV Linens offers loose bunches and stems, as well as oversized flower decors for all kinds of occasions. Use these floral decorations to tie curtain draping together, or to accentuate the ceiling with vine-resembling greeneries. 

With the right fabric, tools and a theme in mind, you can transform any blank space into a glamorous event venue. Pipe and drape sets are a great investment because they are sturdy, reusable, and versatile.    If you are a beginner in the world of event planning, make sure to have a set or two in your tow. If you have been in the business for quite some time, these affordable fabrics and draping sets are your trustworthy partners for your next beautiful creations.  

White Canopy Event Draping




Check our Instagram and Pinterest for more draping technique inspiration. Watch this video on how to assemble your pipe and drape sets: 




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