The Secret to Affordable Home Wedding Decorations


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So You’re Having a Home Wedding


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At-home weddings are charming, personal, beautiful, and a lot of work! That being said, one of the most important things to check off your list will be the home wedding decorations. Many people fancy the idea of an at-home wedding but get overwhelmed at the thought of having to decorate their whole house inside and out. Don’t let that discourage you from having the perfect backyard wedding of your dreams!

While there is a lot to keep in mind when planning a home wedding like space, food, parking, and your neighbors, there is no reason home wedding decorations should be stressful. We’ll show you the secret of how to decorate a house for a wedding reception on a budget!

Ceremony Home Wedding Decoration Ideas


Your wedding ceremony will be the most important and formal part of your big day. All eyes will be on you and your future spouse as you join together in meaningful matrimony. Let’s say you’re expecting thirty guests, that means you’ll need thirty seats.

You’ll want them arranged comfortably with a clear view of the ceremony. To liven up your ceremony home wedding decorations, you’ll want to decorate your chairs and ceremony backdrop. The secret to doing so on a budget is to focus on what you would like to make the biggest impact with and go more minimalistic on the other decor. 

The Wedding Arch


If you want a beautiful and high-impact wedding backdrop, find a balance by going sweet and simple with your chair designs. With a thirty-guest wedding in mind, opt for a soft breezy fabric and blooming flowers on a wedding arch as the ceremony backdrop. Our favorite airy fabric for ceremony backdrops is our 10 yds x 118” Voile Sheer Fabric Roll.

To create a sophisticated design, you can wrap and drape the fabric roll on an arch. Don’t forget to add plenty of florals; around four silk rose bushes should do the trick to create a minimalistic yet full look. The florals will pop and tie in with the chairs so this is a perfect design for an at-home wedding. In addition, it also helps stay on budget and it’s not so busy that it takes away from the ceremony.

Wedding Aisle Decor


Adorn the aisle with elegant elements like floral arrangements, sheer drapes, or charming lanterns. Don't forget to add personal touches, like signage or scattered petals, to add a unique touch.  Consider a theme with rustic, whimsical, or boho wedding decor for a unique touch.

Guest seats can also play a crucial role in enhancing the overall aesthetic of your wedding aisle. Choose chairs that align with your wedding style. Elegant Chiavari chair covers or sashes can add a touch of sophistication.

With these tips, your wedding aisle can become a stunning focal point without straining your budget.

Guest Seating


To keep set up easy and your budget on track, go for a simple chair sash with chair sash clips and florals to keep with the arch’s theme. Thirty polyester chair sashes and three more silk rose bushes will do the trick to transform your chairs! When you add a single rose to the center of each sash tie knot it will add an extra touch of romance.

If you opt for only doing a chair sash, you’ll have to rely on the fabric and chair sash tie that you pick to make the chairs stand out. We suggest a video chair design that’s simple, yet lovely tying a double wrap knot chair sash tie!

Reception Home Wedding Decorations


Once the ceremony is over, the festivities will be in full swing! Cocktail hour usually follows the ceremony and then on to the buffet, cake cutting, and dancing! There is a lot of area to cover and a lot of area to decorate. You’ll want to follow the same format as before and decide which elements of your reception you’d like to make a high impact.

For example, this thirty-guest wedding will require five 6ft rectangular guest tables, thirty-two chairs, a buffet table, a dessert/cake table, and a sweetheart table. We’ll start with the tables we want to make the biggest impressions with. Afterward, we’ll move on from the most important to the least important home wedding decorations. Wondering if you should get a 108-inch tablecloth or 60x120 tablecloth for your reception table? Don’t worry – we’ll break it all down for you!

Cake Table


Your cake table will probably be one of the most glamorous stations at your wedding. When couples want to make an impact and really wow their guests they usually do so with their dessert or cake table. Since the cakes and desserts are usually something everyone looks forward to, you’ll want to make sure to have this area picture-perfect! For this fictitious wedding, we decided to go with a 90″x90″ glitz sequin table overlay topper as our splurge linen and 90″x132″ economy polyester tablecloth as the base.

Choosing an overlay instead of a tablecloth for your specialty linen will help you stay on budget while still having the same gorgeous effect. An overlay and a base tablecloth may seem too simple for a high-impact table, but once you add your wedding cake surrounded by other sweets the table starts to come together. Since desserts are so decadent and beautiful on their own you don’t need much to make your dessert table pop. A few candles, flowers, and greenery will do the trick!

If you’re looking for a little extra oomph for your cake table you can also get creative and personal by making DIY decor pieces for your wedding. Check out one of our favorite DIY tutorials if you’d like to see how to make an easy flower letter for your cake table!

Sweetheart Table


A sweetheart table is a great way to have some one-on-one time with your new spouse on such a busy day, which makes it an important table to decorate impressively. A sweetheart table marks the second high-impact table for your at-home wedding decorations.

To match the aesthetic of your cake table, choose a 120″ round economy polyester tablecloth and a 72″x72″ square glitz sequin table overlay topper to make it stand out. For the chairs use two extra polyester chair sashes (the same ones from the ceremony.) You can also use the same sash tie as the chairs used in the ceremony for the reception!

The sweetheart table will pop beautifully once you add your centerpiece, candles, wine glasses, and charger plates. This design will make you and your spouse feel like royalty! You may even forget that you planned your stunning wedding on a budget.

Guest Tables


Guest tables will be one of the busiest areas of your wedding since this is where your guests will spend most of their time. You’re going to want your table linens to be simple, eye-catching, and elegant. For that specific reason, we decided to continue with a base of white economy polyester tablecloths with glitz sequin table runners. Much like the previous two table designs, the table will come to life once the acrylic charger plates, glass vase centerpiece, floating candles, and place settings are all put together. Going with a white base and a sparkling sequin table runner down the middle of your table will give it a clean and dazzling look. Don’t forget to think of the big picture when planning your home wedding decorations!

Buffet Table


Last but certainly not least is the buffet table. Everyone will eventually visit the buffet table to get a plate of delicious food, making the buffet table a vital pit stop. The tabletop will be so busy that adding a runner or an overlay may just be too much (not to mention all the possible spills and staining!) A simple and easy fix to a bare table is to use an economy polyester tablecloth or satin round tablecloth. This helps keep with the wedding color scheme and theme while keeping a fresh and clean look.

Home Wedding Goals


Sticking to these design tips will help you achieve the perfect casual backyard wedding! Now that you have your home wedding decorations figured out, you can kick back and relax a little. You’ve just tackled one of the biggest hurdles of a home wedding with ease for under $300 for thirty guests!

It almost sounds too good to be true, but you’re not dreaming. You’re just one step closer to your dream wedding on a budget! Choosing wholesale wedding table decorations from CV Linens can even save you more than opting for wedding decor rentals. And, with CV Linens’ clearance, you can enjoy even greater discounts without compromising on quality.

We hope that these tips for a budget-friendly home wedding helped make your wedding planning process a little bit easier. It’s our goal to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams with low-cost wedding table decorations! If you're planning a backyard wedding you can get a full how-to here! For more inspiration and decor trends follow our Pinterest. You can also check out our YouTube channel for more at-home wedding ideas on a budget. 

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