Polyester Chair Sash/Tie

Polyester chair sashes are a stylish and affordable way to upgrade your event chairs. This elegant fabric wrap comes in a variety of stunning colors and is perfect for adding a classic touch to wedding receptions, formal events, birthday parties, and more. Made of polyester with adjustable buckle closure, these ties are designed to fit almost any type of chair and can be reused on multiple occasions. With its easy-to-clean nature, this product also makes it the ideal choice for keeping your rental furniture looking spiffy. Whether you are decorating for a special occasion or just want to give your chairs a chic makeover, you cannot go wrong with polyester sashes.


Why Buy from CV Linens

CV Linens is the perfect place to shop for your polyester chair sash and tie needs. Not only can you find quality items at affordable prices, but you will also receive great service from a team of knowledgeable and friendly staff. From lux seating covers to classic fabrics, CV Linens offers a wide range of colors and styles to ensure that every customer finds the perfect tie for their special event.


Features and Benefits of Polyester Chair Sashes

Polyester chair sashes are an ideal addition to any event décor. Some of the features and benefits that make them such a great choice include:

  • Easy to clean, so you can reuse them on multiple occasions
  • Adjustable buckle closure makes it easy to fit almost any type of chair
  • Available in a variety of stunning colors to match your event theme
  • High-quality fabric that is durable and reliable


Shapes, Sizes, And Colors

We have a wide selection of high-quality Polyester chair sashes/ties available in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can find rectangular ties measuring 7" by 104". Additionally, you will have your choice of many vibrant colors including black, blue, and white.


Affordable Prices and Quality Products

When you are looking for quality sash tie headbands, look no further than CV Linens. Not only do we offer affordable prices but our bulk and wholesale discounts make it easier for you to get the perfect ties for your events such as weddings or corporate banquets without going over budget. With our selection of quality ties, you will be sure to find exactly what you need without sacrificing style or quality.

Our pastel chair sashes are made from high-quality and durable polyester. Chairs are a prominent element of any event, our polyester chair sashes at wholesale prices add a touch of elegance to upgrade any occasion.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best way to care for chair sashes made of polyester fabric?

Polyester chair sashes should be washed with cold water on a gentle cycle. Do not use bleach or other harsh chemicals. Hang or lay flat to dry and use a low-temperature setting for ironing if desired.


Do chair sashes made from polyester fabric wrinkle or shrink easily?

No, due to the construction of polyester fiber, it is unlikely that these fabrics will wrinkle or shrink easily when properly cared for with cold water and low temperatures.


How should I store chair sashes made from polyester fabric when not in use?

Chair sashes made from polyester fabric should be stored clean and dry in an area away from direct sunlight or sources of moisture. For best results avoid folding them so that any folds will not remain permanently.

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