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How to Tie a Double Wrap Knot Chair Sash Tie

Tying up chair sashes around chairs used in weddings, birthday parties, or any other event is one of the simplest ways to liven up the place. You can buy affordable fabric and use creativity to make sashes that add style and elegance to the venue. If you know how to tie a double loop wrap knot, it would be a good starting place to elevate the venue’s look to your client’s liking. Another place to start is to locate a reliable supplier of excellent fabrics you can use for the sash.

Steps For Tying A Double Loop Wrap Knot

The double wrap knot is a twist to a regular chair sash bow. It may look complicated at first, but it is easy to do. Just follow these steps:

1. Put the center of the chair sash on the back of the chair about three inches from the seat.

step 1

2. Bring the sides of the sash to the chair’s front and cross them tightly over each other.

step 2

3. Pull the ends of the sash three inches from the top of the chair and tie both ends into a bow or knot.

step 3


Now that you have dressed up the chairs nicely in something like a wide satin chair sash, you can experiment with different types of chair covers and fabric. It will help you become more flexible in decorating different types of events and themes. For instance, satin chair sashes work well for formal occasions, but other fabrics might suit other events.

What fabrics are best used for chair sashes?

Depending on the theme of your event, you can choose different fabrics.

Satin Chair Sash Tie

Satin chair sashes look silky and luxurious and give chairs a sparkly makeover. These are perfect for formal and glamorous themes. 

satin chair sash


Organza sashes bring elegance, grace, and color to any event they are used in.


organza chair sashes


Chiffon chair sashes are ideal for events that need extravagant decorations, thanks to their subtle shine and draping features. 

chiffon chair sash


If you want to create a vintage vibe for your event, lace chair sashes can give you that feel. 

lace chair sash


Burlap or polyester makes for stunning bows or knots that you can design to look elegant.

burlap chair sash


Give the chair sashes more dignity using the stiff yet resilient polyester.

Polyester Chair Sash/Tie


Spandex chair sashes are wrinkle-resistant, stretchable, and durable. 


rosette spandex chair sash band

How to drape chair sashes over a chair

A double loop wrap knot is supposed to hug the chair front and back, with the knot sitting right in the middle of the rear part. But there are other creative ways to put a sash on chairs. They can be placed on the chairs horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or any other way you deem fit.

You will know how to drape a fabric once you see the types of chairs used at your events. For instance, chiavari chairs need a material that can be styled into a woven design. Folding chairs may benefit from having the fabric tucked into the folds to make them look snuggly.

If you are planning to buy bulk sashes in different fabrics, it would be more convenient for you if you find most, if not all, of them in one linen supplier. You can find suppliers where ordering bulk items is easy and customer-friendly. It would be better if they could also offer you chair sashes in different styles and colors. You can save money the more items you order.

Have fun experimenting with how a double loop wrap knot can make the chairs for your events look. Learn how to do it, master it, and move on to practicing other sash ties, use various fabrics, and find ways to drape the sashes on the chairs, with or without a spandex banquet chair cover or any other cover.

Your job will be even easier if you find a good supplier of chair sashes in different materials, sizes, designs or patterns, colors, shapes, and prices. CV Linens can help you with just that. Shop today.

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