Wide Satin Chair Sash

Our Wide Satin Chair Sashes work to embellish your reception's seating arrangement with utmost style, to give your chair covers an extra touch of class and elegance! As you plan the various aspects of your special occasion, you'll want the colors of your linens to harmonize with the theme of your venue. To that end, chair sashes curate a tailored finished look that coordinates with your special day to bring lasting charm throughout the entirety of your event.

While the right table linens set the stage for the tablescapes, your chair accents serve to pull the look together and create a stunning level of sophistication. The brilliance of a chair sash ensures that your event looks absolutely extraordinary, resulting in an amazing transformative magic. The presence of a chair bow lends a formal elegance with a lasting impression that will leave everyone dazzled and delighted. Our wholesale wide satin chair sashes are an exciting decor element that adds personality to your seating arrangement. Depending on the color you choose or the way you tie them, they can impart an air of sophistication or playfulness. The nature of these sashes allows a wide variety of creative measures to be taken, including layering them with other patterns or textures for a truly scene-stealing allure.

Whether you're going for a minimalist, traditional, modern, neutral, or black-and-white theme, satin chair sashes make the perfect final touch to top your bare chairs or chair covers. Satin is a traditional texture that is both soft and glossy. If you want to create a festive, celebratory mood, satin is a classic that has been enhancing the appeal of banquet rooms for decades and continues to do so into modern times. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, showers, corporate events, and more, satin linens beautifully reflect centerpiece lighting to illuminate an ambient and romantic vibe. Our durable wholesale satin chair sashes feature serge finished edges.

Sometimes, the perfect venue has chairs that are just plain bland. In other circumstances, your chair covers deliver an upscale cohesive appearance but seem to lack that something special. Chair sashes are a classic and affordable option to coordinate with any event and theme. Colorful, versatile, and exquisite in quality, our sashes are 9” wide x 109” long, making them ideal for many quick tie options. At this size, they can be used on any type of chair or in coordination with any style chair cover to enhance a glamorous formal appeal. If you need a different sizing option, check out our standard 6” sashes that are also available for purchase. Find yourself in a pinch when it comes to table decor? These wide sashes can also be used as a runner in extreme circumstances to enhance the look of your centerpieces and overall tablescape. Layer on the elegance of your wedding or other special events. Our wholesale satin chair sashes are easy to decorate with and the perfect choice for any occasion, whether indoors or out!
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