Satin Chair Sashes

Shop our premium quality Satin Chair Sashes available in a wide selection of your favorite colors and finishes. Enjoy the soft and shiny aesthetic our silky satin sashes offer or the matte elegance our lamour satin sashes bring to the occasion! Your wedding and dinner guests will spend a large portion of their time at your reception tables and it is your choice of linens that will come together to create that wow-factor reaction. While your table linens are certainly important, it can be those special finishing touches that bring the look full circle and elevate a curated aesthetic. With the right accents, you can present a space that your guests can truly immerse themselves in while enjoying the celebratory nature of the big day.

It is well established that covering your event chairs with beautiful chair covers and dressing up the tables with luxe table linens enhances the overall aesthetic of your reception venue. Yet small touches like upgrading your seating arrangement with the stylish elegance of a chair sash will make your reception venue more sophisticated and eye-catching. Whether decorating significant events like weddings or more intimate occasions like a home-based Sweet 16 birthday party, every detail matters. From highlighting significant chairs like the guest of honor chair or the bride and groom chairs, finishers like CV Linens chair sashes become one of the best ways to showcase your event's color and personality.

Stunningly crafted of durable polyester, our wholesale satin chair sashes feature serged hems. At a generous 108” length, our satin sashes provide endless tying options from traditional bows to the trendy side knot or sophisticated flip over style. The length of the sash will conveniently accommodate a bow on banquet or folding chairs. Another way to use CV Linens chair sashes is to weave them through the top back of your bare Chiavari chair, cross-back chairs or chameleon chair and then crisscross them along the back and down the side chair, finishing with a fashionable knot, drape, or bow. These sashes can even be complemented with a sash clip, small flower bouquet, or other unique aspects to further pull in your unique party theme.

There's no need to break the bank when it comes to chair decoration at your special event! Our wholesale satin chair sashes are inexpensive and highly versatile. Use them on the backs of chairs, add some flare to a cocktail table with a cinch bow, make environmentally friendly gift bows, tie back your drapes, or even stripe your table runner - the possibilities for creating a stylish reception venue on the cheap are endless! Our satin chair sashes are remarkable in the fact that they can be used on many chair types and are available in different widths. For smaller chair bows, our standard satin sashes offer a 6” width and if you want to create a fuller bow, our wide satin sashes will provide 9” of length. For chair decor that offers elegance without the shine, our 8” wide lamour satin easily accommodates this style. Indeed, all three options make for a spectacular way to add some color to plain white chair covers or to customize the look of your more elegant chair options. Whatever style you choose, your event will shine with personality!

Complete your special event decor with matching table runners and tablecloths in matching materials to your satin chair sashes. Get a high style look with CV Linens sophisticated linen choices -- Start shopping today!
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