10 yds x 118" Voile Sheer Fabric

Elevate Your Décor with the Ethereal Beauty of Voile Sheer Fabric

If you’re searching for sheer fabric rolls that will fulfill your needs, we can help you at CV Linens. Sheer fabric rolls have all kinds of uses, and we stock them in bulk so you can access as much or as little as you need. 

What can sheer fabric be used for? Historically, this fabric has been utilized in all kinds of different scenarios. It can be used for curtains, curtain lining, and window treatments to allow sunlight to pass through, eliminating harsh glares. It has also been used to make all kinds of clothing, including lingerie, nightwear, and pajamas. Sheer fabric is often used in artwork or as a decorative flourish or garnish, as in chair sashes, chair covers, and canopies. 

Types of Sheer Fabric

You can use many kinds of sheer fabric. We keep as many on hand as possible, including sheer voile fabrics, tulle, organza, lace, and chiffon fabric. These can include flame-retardant fabric options, specifically lightweight fabric options, tear-resistant materials, and of course, all kinds of colors for you to peruse. 

Our sheer fabric options also come with various patterns, so you can find a fabric that will fit your artistic theme or vision. Whether you’re looking for a versatile fabric to incorporate as decoration into your event, want to make a sheer curtain or drapery for your home, or just want a unique pattern design for sewing blouses or skirts, we have what you need.


Why is it called sheer fabric?

Sheer fabric is known for its opaque nature – it can easily be seen when light passes through it. Sheer means a fine fabric that is very light and delicate with a silky soft finish.

Is sheer fabric expensive?

While very fine sheer fabrics can be expensive, we try to keep things affordable for every one of our customers at CV Linens. It is also much less expensive when you’re buying in bulk, and we have a wide range of fabrics to choose from.

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