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Backyard BBQ Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Backyard BBQ Wedding

Looking to plan a budget-friendly backyard BBQ wedding that's bursting with charm and personality? This blog explores budget-friendly DIY backyard wedding ideas that are full of charm and style.

Discover inspiration for unique decor and mouthwatering menus that won't break the bank. Don't forget to bring along your gingham picnic tablecloth as we guide you through turning your backyard into the ideal setting for a memorable celebration.

Get ready to make your dream wedding a reality with these backyard BBQ wedding ideas on a budget.

9 Backyard BBQ Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Backyard BBQ Wedding Ideas

Couples who are planning on getting married can consider hosting their wedding in their or a love one’s backyard. Backyard weddings are charming and can be affordable if you want to forego the high cost of a luxury venue.

When you’re planning on walking down the aisle, there are a few DIY backyard wedding ideas to consider to make for an intimate, casual, and memorable event!

Go Chic and Casual: Affordable Attire for the Bride, Groom, and Guests

bohemian outfit

A backyard BBQ wedding provides an opportunity to embrace a relaxed and budget-friendly approach to attire. Opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics such as linen or cotton for a comfortable and laid-back vibe.

For the bride, a flowy and bohemian-style dress or a simple tea-length gown can be a stylish choice. The groom can sport a crisp dress shirt paired with well-fitted khaki or linen pants. 

Encourage guests to dress in smart casual attire, suggesting sundresses, lightweight suits, or dressy separates. Comfort and a touch of backyard charm are key for everyone to enjoy the festivities while looking effortlessly stylish!

Cut Down the Guest List

guest list

This is probably the golden rule of planning a small wedding, and for good reason! Cut down on your guest list to avoid spending more on food, drinks, and decor. 

Inviting fewer guests to your wedding will not only allow you to save money but can free up space in the backyard and make it feel less cramped. Cutting down on the guest list can also allow you to save money with the number of chairs and tables that you rent, as well as the number of linens you’ll need to purchase.

Just because you’re downsizing doesn’t mean you’ll have less fun! Curating your guest list for a backyard BBQ themed wedding reception is an opportunity to create an intimate affair that captures the essence of your special day.

Maximize the Beauty and Space of Your Backyard

outdoor wedding setup

Start by decluttering and organizing the space, removing any unnecessary items or obstacles. Use clever space-saving strategies such as collapsible tables and lifetime foldable chairs with folding chair covers to maximize seating capacity without overcrowding the area.

Embrace the charm of your backyard by incorporating rustic elements like wooden signs, hay bales, or vintage-inspired accents. Use vertical space by hanging decorations or install wedding arch backdrop for your ceremony or focal points for photographs.

With a little imagination, your backyard can become a breathtaking venue that perfectly complements the BBQ wedding theme.

Bring the BBQ Wedding Menu Magic

cooking barbacue

Delight your guests with a mouthwatering BBQ wedding buffet! 

Start by selecting a range of protein options such as succulent grilled chicken, tender beef brisket, or juicy pulled pork. Enhance the flavors with a selection of homemade BBQ sauces and marinades, offering a variety of tangy, sweet, and spicy options.

Complement main dishes with creamy coleslaw, grilled vegetables, corn on the cob, and baked beans. Serve signature cocktails/mocktails like watermelon margaritas or a tangy citrus spritzer. To keep costs low, consider using disposable wedding dinnerware

If you are opting for catering, explore BBQ wedding catering options that fit your budget. Whether it's a buffet-style setup or family-style dining, BBQ menus offer delicious and cost-effective choices. Look for local caterers who offer affordable packages or consider a DIY approach to keep costs down.

With these backyard wedding food ideas, you can create a memorable celebration that fits your wallet and leaves everyone smiling.

Create a Dessert BBQ Wedding Buffet

desserts table

The best part of a backyard BBQ wedding reception is that the atmosphere allows for a more casual style of dining.

Instead of cutting into your wedding budget for an extravagant BBQ wedding cake, opt for creating a dessert table where you provide a variety of treats. Your guests can enjoy indulging in cookies, cupcakes, pies, and lemon bars. 

Not only are baked goods inexpensive, but this way you’ll also ensure everyone has something sweet that they like! 

Create Beautiful Wedding Tablescapes on a Budget

boho style table

Looking to bring your backyard BBQ wedding ideas on a budget to life?

Don't forget about the wedding tablescapes! With a little creativity and strategic planning, you can design stunning table arrangements without breaking the bank. Opt for affordable backyard wedding table ideas that exude charm and style.

Start by sourcing party supplies in bulk to save money. Use bulk tulle as table runners or table skirts. Champagne charger plates that you can buy at a wholesale price can serve as a glamorous base for your dinnerware.

Go for a rustic and charming vibe by using natural elements such as wooden tables or vintage-inspired furniture. Decorate the tables with simple yet elegant centerpieces, such as candelabras or mason jars filled with wildflowers.

Shop for Discounts for Your Decor

garage sales

When it comes to backyard wedding decor ideas for your big day, you don’t have to go overboard to furnish the setting! Scour local flea markets, antique stores, and garage sales to pay low prices for accent decor that is perfect for your casual setting. You can look for vintage bird cases to hold cards, large hurricane vases for centerpieces, and gold accents to enhance the design of your tablescapes. You can also find wicker baskets to hold programs or garden hooks for flowers that are hung next to the aisle.

Buy Your Linens

backyard wedding decor

You don’t have to pay full price for high-quality table linens when setting up each table for your backyard wedding. Consider purchasing wholesale tablecloths, napkins, and satin chair sashes that will create an elegant setting still perfect for the outdoors. You can purchase beautiful wedding linens like gingham tablecloths that will work within the theme and style of your wedding for a fraction of the cost and worry of a rental.

Make Your Own Centerpieces

wedding table centerpiece

You can host a beautiful outdoor wedding that fits within your budget by making your own centerpieces. Consider using floating candles and flowers in a clear bowl, which will look romantic and elegant. You can also make your own flower basket centerpieces by using baskets found while thrifting or at the flea market and filling them with in-season blooms. A popular centerpiece route is to use baby breath bouquets to cut down on cost of flowers instead of splurging on out of season florals.

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