40 yds Satin Fabric Roll

Discovering Satin Elegance with Satin Fabric at Wholesale Prices

At CV Linens, we believe in transforming your events into enchanting experiences with satin material. Our selection of satin fabrics is a testament to this commitment. Explore the world of satin elegance with our satin fabric by the yard or satin rolls. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or an event planner, our satin materials have you covered.

Why Buy from CV Linens?

  • Quality Items: Our satin fabric is known for its luxurious sheen and premium quality.
  • Affordable Prices: We offer competitive prices without compromising quality.
  • Excellent Service: Our dedicated team ensures your shopping experience is smooth and satisfying.

Explore an Array of Stunning Colors

Elevate your event's aesthetic with our satin fabric available in various captivating colors:

Explore More Elegance with Our Products

CV Linens offers more than just satin fabric. Discover other products to enhance your event:

  • Glitz Sequin Tablecloths: Add a touch of glamour with our glitz sequin tablecloths, perfect for sparkling occasions.
  • Champagne Tablecloths: For an air of celebration and sophistication, explore our champagne tablecloths.
  • Acrylic Charger Plates: Elevate your table settings with our acrylic charger plates, a must-have for upscale events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer bulk or wholesale pricing for satin fabric? 

Yes, we provide bulk and wholesale options for satin fabric, allowing you to enjoy cost savings when you need satin in larger quantities.

Are your products suitable for personal DIY projects and professional event planning? 

Absolutely! Our satin fabrics and other products like glitz sequin tablecloths and acrylic charger plates cater to DIY enthusiasts and event professionals, ensuring high-quality results for all occasions.

What is the recommended care for satin fabric and other products to ensure they stay in excellent condition? 

For our satin fabric and related items, we recommend gentle hand washing or using a delicate cycle with mild detergent. 

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