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Glitz Sequins 120" Round Tablecloth - Peacock Teal

Glitz Sequins 120" Round Tablecloth - Peacock Teal

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Color: peacock teal
Size: 120 in.
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Glitz Sequins 120" Round Tablecloth - Peacock Teal

Elevate your event with our stunning Peacock Teal Glitz Sequin 120" Round Tablecloth, designed to add a touch of elegance and glamor to any occasion. Whether you're hosting a wedding, gala, or upscale party, this tablecloth promises to transform your venue into a dazzling spectacle.

Features Of Our Glitz Sequins 120” Round Tablecloth

Made from sequins with a taffeta base, this round sequin tablecloth is not only elegant but also incredibly durable. Sequins shine brightly and are complemented by the light to give your guests a sparkling feeling that they cannot ignore. Taffeta is used as a base to make the tablecloth strong and it is also very sleek and beautiful once placed on your tables.

This round tablecloth, which has a diameter of 120 inches, fits both 60" and 72" round tables elegantly and conveniently. Tablecloths that are placed on 60" round tables with standard 30" heights will reach the floor, giving the table a complete, opulent appearance. It will provide a stylish and refined drape 6 inches over the floor on a 72" round table.

The versatile drop of this 120 inch round tablecloth makes it suitable for different table sizes and event styles. On a 60" table, the full-length drop exudes opulence and formality, perfect for black-tie events and weddings. On a 72" table, the shorter drop provides a contemporary look, ideal for more casual yet sophisticated gatherings.

Featuring a fabric weight of 280 GSM, the tablecloth is quite luxurious as well as sturdy. The weight also keeps it in place and minimizes the risk of wrinkling, which keeps it looking neat to your occasion. This high GSM value also reflects the quality of the fabric and it’s also strong enough to be used for several occasions.

Spot clean your glitz sequin tablecloth gently with cold water when needed, then hang it to dry to preserve its beauty. Dry washing is advised for optimal outcomes and to guarantee the sequins stay intact. You may prolong the tablecloth's life and maintain its elegance by following these care suggestions.

What’s Unique With These Peacock Teal Glitz Sequin Tablecloths?

The vibrant peacock teal hue of this glitz sequin tablecloth adds a striking and luxurious touch to your decor. This rich, jewel-toned color is perfect for making a bold statement and pairs beautifully with various themes and color schemes. The sparkling sequins catch the light, creating a captivating and sophisticated backdrop that will elevate your table settings.

Enhance your table setup by adding some sequin table overlay, candle holders, and acrylic centerpieces that will complement the sequin tablecloth perfectly. These additional elements will create a cohesive and polished look, elevating the overall ambiance of your event.

You can also opt for a Magenta Glitz Sequin Tablecloth or select from the wide array of wholesale sequin round tablecloths available at a high-quality but super affordable price at CV Linens™.

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Material: Sequins w/taffeta base

Color: Peacock Teal

Size: 120" round with two side seams

Fabric Weight: 280 GSM

Care Instructions: Sparingly spot clean if necessary with cold water, hang dry. Dry clean for best results.

Drop: A 120" Tablecloth over a 60" Round Table (standard 30" table height) will touch the floor. A 120" Tablecloth over a 72" Round Table (standard 30" table height) will hang 6" above the floor.