Is Spandex Polyester? Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking for the perfect fit decoration for your event, you have surely come across spandex and polyester already. It's common to confuse these two well-known synthetic fabrics. The quality of this fabric hugs tables, chairs, or backdrop stands perfectly to create a unique and clean finish.

Knowing the difference between the two materials will allow you to choose the right fabric for your needs. Explore this blog and gain insights about their characteristics and uses.

What is Spandex?

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Spandex is a synthetic material highly valued for its elasticity. It is also known by its brand name Lycra or elastane.

The spandex fiber can return to its original shape after being stretched up to five times its original length. This makes the spandex ideal for applications that demand a tight fit and flexibility. You may move freely and comfortably with it.

Understanding Polyester

Polyester Napkin 20"x20" - Burnt Orange
90"x156" Rectangular Oblong Polyester Tablecloth - White

Polyester is a synthetic fiber made from petroleum-based polymers. It is one of the most popular textiles and is prized for its versatility and ease of upkeep. 

This material resists stretching and shrinking and is incredibly durable. They resist wrinkles and keep their clean and crisp look even after several washes and wears. This material is for you if you're looking for a long-lasting and low-maintenance fabric.

Comparing Spandex vs Polyester

Although both fibers are synthetic and widely used, they differ from one another in certain ways. To use them effectively, know their differences and the situations in which they will work best.

Comfort and Fit

Spandex has a snug, form-fitting texture that works well with chairs, tables, or backdrop stands. Since spandex holds its shape over time, it offers a clean look at any type of event. It serves both functionality and style.

Polyester, on the other hand, lends a more structured, durable fabric. Their strength and ability to hold shape compensate for their lack of stretch. These fabrics are so durable, that they are the preferred fabric for applications that need frequent use and washing.

Uses and Applications

This material is common in event decor, particularly for chair covers. It contributes to a polished, uniform look because it fits snugly over a variety of chair shapes and sizes. The smooth finish of spandex makes it a favorite for weddings, banquets, and corporate gatherings.

Polyester is also a favored fabric for table linens and event decorations. It is perfect for tablecloths, napkins, placemats, banners, backdrops, and even chair covers because it looks elegant and is easy to clean. 

Even after frequent use, polyester maintains its quality and vibrant colors. It can also be easily printed which allows you to customize it and match it with various themes and color schemes.

Blending Polyester and Spandex Fabric

Spandex is not the same as polyester but they are both valued in many useful applications. Several manufacturers blend these two fabrics, allowing you to take full advantage of their best properties.

A polyester spandex blend improves the fabric's comfort and stretch. It provides numerous benefits for event linens that need to fit snugly but comfortably and be flexible enough to accommodate different shapes and sizes.

This blend also guarantees that your garments or decor keep their shape even after several washes. Because of the polyester’s durability, the fabric won't droop and will maintain a long-lasting, flattering fit.

These materials will undoubtedly bring out the best in your events, whether you choose to utilize spandex, polyester, or a combination of both.

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