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Design Your Own Fairy Tale Baby Shower

cinderella baby showerfairy tale baby shower cinderella theme with white flowers and baby blue tablecloth

One of the Most Trending Events: Fairy Tale Baby Showers

Bringing a little bundle of joy into the world is a magical and special event! The moments leading up to that special day also deserve special thought and consideration. Creating a fairy tale baby shower that is as special and enchanting as a page right out of the Cinderella story will be the moment to be remembered, forever.

Make your little one the bell of the ball by recreating Cinderella’s most awe inspiring moment as a fairy tale baby shower to remember. As a princess for the day, you’ll have gorgeous event photos to show her later in life.

Decor is an integral part of events as they set the atmosphere. With Cinderella's inspired colors of silver, white, and baby blue in gorgeous linens such as glitz sequin and satin, your baby shower will turn into a magical event!

fairy tale baby shower cinderella theme

Sparkling Main Decor

We provide you with the most cost effective quality decor, from inexpensive chair covers to beautiful tablecloths. Luxury decor doesn’t have to break the bank, and it will make your baby shower look as if it is fit for a princess! Beautiful baby blue satin round tablecloths create a look of luxury, adorned with a stunning table overlay topper made of our hand-sewn vintage veil embroidery. To create an even more breathtaking look, give your table a regal feel with beautifully positioned silver glitz napkins and a stunning carriage centerpiece with flowers fit for royalty.

Luxury Seating

We offer luxury decor at wholesale prices that will make your casual seating look and feel elegant built for a royal family! In using layers of decor products, we can elevate the most basic chair covers into the most elegant and extravagant seating your guest would feel embarrassed to sit on. Make your event absolutely stunning and detailed by using a combination of our white vintage veil chiavari chair covers, ruched spandex chair covers, and baby blue satin chair sashes. We offer inexpensive chair covers that are be perfect for creating a beautifully opulent Cinderella inspired event!

Unforgettable Backdrop

What would any event be without a beautiful backdrop to provide you and your guests with an unforgettable atmosphere? Put the finishing touches on your fairy tale baby shower by dressing your surroundings in luxurious sequin drape backdrops. Beautiful and rich, silver glitz sequin drapes create an awe-inspiring magical backdrop that put the final touches on your event. We love layering our glitz drapes with our sheer drapes to provide an ethereal feel.

fairy tale baby shower cinderella theme

A Closer Look at Our Cinderella Inspired Mock Up


Set up difficulty: ★★★☆☆ (mid-difficulty)
Set up time: Approximately 60 minutes


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Want to Substitute into a different Fairy Tale?

If Cinderella isn’t your favorite fairy tale, consider changing out the main color of baby blue to suit your favorite storybook. Our favorite colors include:

Beauty and the Beast:   pastel yellow

Create Magic with a Fairy Tale Baby Shower!

We want to help make the celebration of your new bundle of joy a magical event to remember! Your day will be one fit for royalty, without the royal budget. If you need help deciding what size linens you need contact our friendly customer support.

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fairy tale baby shower cinderella theme

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