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Eccentric Wedding Theme Color Combinations to Try

The color palette is one of the critical factors in putting together a wedding. It is because the color combinations will affect your clients’ wedding look, choice of venue, and decorations, among others.

There is no hard-and-fast rule for wedding theme color combinations, so let your clients have fun with their options. Just remind them that their final decision will also determine the color of their wedding tablecloths, chair covers, drapes, backdrops, and other decors.

How you can help your clients decide 

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Give your clients room to stretch their creative muscles. Suggest a few color combos if you want to give them a good start during the wedding planning. They can stick to two colors or play with three or four.

Once they’ve decided, Your role is to blend these colors from the tablecloths and drapes to the table napkins, chair covers, centerpieces, and backdrops. The color scheme will extend to the entourage’s outfits, bridal bouquet, and even the cake, so be mindful in guiding your clients during their color combo selection.

There are many timeless color wedding schemes your clients can try. These would include muted jewel tones, mauve and gold, navy blue and gold, assorted pinks, green and white, white and lilac, blush and pale blue, or even black and white.

Trendy two-color combinations to try

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Going for the classic color schemes is excellent, but if your clients want something unique, here are a few trendy wedding color combinations you can suggest:

  • Blush Pink and Burgundy

This color combo is perfect for a winter or fall wedding. Blush pink gives it a delicate vibe, while burgundy adds a dramatic look. 

  • Neutral Nude and Gold 

This combination is ideal for clients looking for a glamorous and luxurious look for their wedding. The nude element conveys elegance, while gold makes everything look effortlessly grand. Try neutral drapes with gold centerpieces and dinnerware. 

  • Gold and Blue 

Instead of adding the usual silver to the cool hue of blue, why not try it with gold? You can have blue tablecloths with champagne colored charger plates resting on top. 

  • Purple and Pink

Did you ever think you could combine both? Use tablecloths with touches of pink and faux flowers with some purple and neutral colors. Make sure both colors will not clash, though. 

  • Yellow and Pink

If your clients aim for a bright, playful atmosphere on their special day, a yellow and pink color scheme will drive that point home. There could be pink drapes all over the reception with a sprinkling of yellow centerpieces on each table or in yellow chair sashes. 

  • Orange and Navy 

These two colors are a contrast, with orange linked to being fun and navy associated with being elegant and mature. However, the combination works. Use navy tablecloths with orange satin napkins or the other way around. You can use orange chair sashes or in other decors, too.

More Wedding Theme Color Combinations to Consider 

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You can play around with more than two colors. It will stretch your creativity, but it should make your clients happy if they are all in for an eccentric look for their big day. Here are some more unusual wedding colors to try: 

  • Purple, Blue, Black, and Gold 

This color combo might look too dark for a wedding, but it looks sophisticated and glamorous. You can deck the tables in bright blue tablecloths, purple centerpieces, and gold and black accents. 

  • Orange, Pink, and Green

Orange and pink can be placed together, like making centerpieces out of faux flowers with these colors, to come up with an ombre look. You can further accentuate these bright colors with a bit of green.

  • Orange, Red, and Rich Yellow

These are the lovely colors of the sunset. If you love watching the sky when the sun is about to go down, your clients can finally have those warm and inspiring colors during their wedding. Imagine red backdrops with a rich yellow and orange smattering in the centerpieces and floral decorations. 

  • Blush, White, and Emerald

Picture how the wedding would look with the rich color of emerald green on the entourage dresses and the faux foliage. Combine it with lifelike faux blush and white flowers. 

  • Earthy Colors

These colors include greens, browns, and oranges, perfect for rustic or outdoor weddings. They blend well with nature, so make sure to add foliage to your centerpieces or aisle decorations. 

  • Gray, Gold, and Peacock Blue 

Who says weddings should only use vibrant colors? Your clients can pick any wedding color combos. If they want a more subtle and elegant effect, this combination works. You can prepare a gold wedding cake holder, add navy and silver centerpieces, and use gray tablecloths. 

How to decide on a wedding color scheme 

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Help the couple pick the best wedding theme color combinations using these tips: 

  • Think about the Season

A summer wedding will look different from one held in the winter.

Some popular color schemes for fall weddings are pineapple, Cardinal red, and charcoal gray or hunter green, brown, and orange.

Winter weddings look great with forest green, peach, and metallic accents or in black, ivory, and gold.

Spring weddings can use ice blue, white, and light pink or mint and gold combinations.

Summer wedding colors typically include combinations of green, gold, and white; pale pink, pineapple, and orange; or cream, gray, and classic blue.

  • Factor in the Venue 

If they want the wedding done at a park with lush trees and vegetation, the theme should reflect the colors of the outdoors. If they are having a beach wedding, shades of seaglass green, blue, warm grays, and similar hues are excellent options. 

  • Consider the Couple’s Favorite Colors

Ask the couple what colors they like best. Then, work on what colors work well with each other, which colors to highlight, and what colors to use as accents. 

  • Think about the Overall Look of all the Wedding Elements 

Imagine how the color scheme will look on the dress code, lighting, cakes and desserts, flowers and greenery, menu, event signs, tables, chairs, and other decorations. 

Enjoy choosing the best wedding theme color combinations with your clients. They can have two-color combos or more. You can use that to find the right event supplies. It helps to find drapes, faux flowers, tablecloth overlays, and other decors in a shop that carries a wide range of products, such as CV Linens.

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