Elevating Your Chair Decor

Elevating Your Chair Decor

Wholesale Chair Sashes and Chair Bands

Chair covers, sashes, bands, and caps are one of easiest and most cost efficient ways to dress up any event. This is why we offer a sizeable selection of both colors and styles of wholesale chair sashes and other wholesale chair decor! Often overlooked, your décor doesn’t have to stop once the sash is tied or the cover is slipped on. There are many ways to elevate your chair design with wholesale chair sashes to make your event all the more memorable!
Chair Traditional


Of course you can take the traditional route of adding a Rhinestone Clip or Buckle Pin, as shown above. Don’t be afraid to innovate even further! Our favorite ways to dress up chairs as starting point for you to innovate a new idea!

Chair Decor: Floral


Floral Decor

Chances are you’ll definitely want to introduce flowers to your wedding chair décor! Don’t let the price of flowers deter you. Flowers can work all the way from baby’s breath to extravagant arrangements made by a florist. Place your flowers with a chair tie. You can also add flowers over the top of the chair, down the side, or even near the bottom of the seat. Floral decor is so versatile! In the spirit of a rustic theme, you can even put them to good use at the end of the day by having your guests take them home! You could even press your flowers for a unique, charming wedding favor. Just be sure to place a small frame at every seat so they have a safe place for their pressed flowers! With so many color and types of flowers you’re sure to find a style that fits in with your other event florals perfectly.
Chair Decor: Themed

Themed Decor

More than ever, today’s parties tend to have themes. From a child’s ballerina birthday, to a Cinderella themed wedding, themes are a great chance to coordinate your decor. Themes are the perfect reason to take advantage of going all-out on all of your décor. Consider the main elements in your theme as a way to transform your chairs. Add fairy wings or a dinosaur tail to an organza sash for a birthday, place Mickey Mouse ears inside a universal self tie for a Disney themed wedding. You can even hang Mardi Gras masks from a chair band for your New Orleans event! Like with Floral Décor, most of the themed items can double as an event favor to reduce stress and your budget. The possibilities are endless and only take a bit of extra planning!
Chair Decor: Seasonal

Seasonal Decor

If a theme doesn’t suit your personality or flowers won’t fit in, try going with a seasonal approach! Chances are your wedding or event colors will already match the season you’re in. Throwing in a few accent pieces will really develop a minimal décor design. Some classic ideas by season:
    • Spring: Succulents, bunting, paper flowers and pom poms, craft store bird nests and eggs
    • Summer: Starfish, sea shells, coral, fake fruit, sailing rope, mini lifesavers, sunglasses
    • Fall: Acorns, tree leaves, wooden stick wreaths, candles, fake pumpkins and pears, cinnamon sticks
    • Winter: Mistletoe, wreaths, garlands, tree ornaments, snowflakes, candy canes
    Be sure to have string, wire, safety pins handy to see how you can best attach your chair décor. Once all of the chair décor pieces are accounted for, any left over pieces can be directly used for your centerpieces. This will create instant and effortless cohesion!
    Chair Decor: Double Up

    Double the Decor

    When in doubt, double it up! Wholesale Chair sashes, caps, covers, and bands tend to go extremely well together and require hardly any efforts. We recommend Universal Self Chair Tie Chair Covers with Curly Willow Chair Sashes and Banquet Chair Covers. With chair sashes, but you’re free to mix and match as you please! You can get creative by using multiple wholesale chair sashes on one chair with curly willow accents. You could even try a spandex chair back cover topped off with a chair cap. This is another way to ensure your event colors are used in conjunction with each other throughout your event!
    For more ideas and examples, check out our Chair Decor Inspiration Board on Pinterest! If you’d like some input on chair design, don’t hesitate to email or DM us on Instagram. We’ll be happy to help you plan to make sure your event looks amazing. 
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