How Much Does a Flower Wall Cost

Walk down a wedding reception venue dressed in opulent flower decor with lush flower walls adorning your space. A staple at wedding receptions and anniversary celebrations, flower walls are a popular backdrop for event decorators. Flower wall backdrops evoke delicate elegance and add luxurious grandeur to any space. 

Fresh flowers are a luxury for event decoration so a common question designers ask is just how much does a flower wall cost? In this blog, we walk you through the basics of flower wall design pieces, how much they cost, and tips to get that floral backdrop even on a budget. 

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What is a Flower Wall?

Flower walls are popular decor pieces composed of a panel decorated with flowers and greenery. Also called flower wall backdrops, they are used to cover walls or large amounts of space to serve as a background for events. 

These elegant decor pieces are popularly used in wedding receptions, birthday parties, and anniversary celebrations. They can be made out of fresh flowers and real greenery but many party decorators also use faux flowers and greeneries that are more affordable. 

In this blog, learn how much flower walls cost, as well as the budget alternatives for DIY flower walls using faux flowers and greenery.

How Much Do Flower Walls Cost? Average Cost Estimates

Deciding whether or not to decorate your big day with flower walls? Here are some average cost estimates for your flower wall decorations. 

Flower wall panels cost between a few hundred dollars for budget decor up to several thousand dollars. This depends on the size of your panel and how complex your designs are. 

For a standard 8x8 ft panel, a flower wall wedding backdrop cost estimates may fall between $125-$175 per square foot. If you’re looking to incorporate personalized signages or decor into your flower wall, this can cost up to $300-$500 in additional expenses. Flower walls for rent are also available. They can cost between $400-$500 for the standard size of 8x8 feet. 

Perhaps the cheapest option is to create your DIY flower wall using faux flowers, floral wires, and budget panels. Artificial flowers for wall decor are widely available and have an almost realistic appearance. Style them the right way to get the look you want for your flower wall decor.

Premade Rose and Baby's Breath Flower Backdrop Arch/Table Runner Decor - White
Faux Silk Boxwood Greenery Wall Panel Mat Backdrop 60cm x 40cm
Silk Artificial Peony Flower Bush Bundle - Peach

Tips to Save Money

Get the elegant look of a flower wall even when you’re on a tight budget with a DIY faux flower wall backdrop. This cost-effective option is the solution to your decorating woes. 

For your panel that will serve as a base for your flower wall, you can choose from budget options like wooden panels, foam boards, canvases, and wire meshes. 

To get major savings, choose to buy faux flowers instead of real ones. Choose from a wide range of faux flower decor options. Add some faux greenery to make sure you cover up all spaces of your wall panel. There are also options for greenery and floral wall backdrops that are already assembled and ready to mount on walls or panels.

Silk Greenery with Roses Wall Backdrop Panel - Red
Silk Greenery with Roses Wall Backdrop Panel - Ivory
Silk Greenery with Roses Wall Backdrop Panel - Light Pink

Another top tip is to buy your flower decor in bulk to get cheaper wholesale prices. If you’ve got time to plan, make sure you buy your decor during off-peak seasons. Less demand may give you cheaper options for your party decor. 

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Flower wall backdrops are elegant decorations that you will want for any elegant party. We’ve gone through the basics of how much flower walls cost. While fresh flower wall panels may come at a cost, there are other options like DIY flower walls made of faux floral decorations. 

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