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How To Assemble Geometric Arch Backdrop Stand

Walking down the aisle on your wedding day is a special occasion. Make sure you walk towards a picturesque altar and put up a memorable reception dinner stage on your big day. Learn how to set up a wedding backdrop stand in a few easy steps and instantly transform your wedding!  

Affordable wedding backdrop idea that can be used indoors or outdoors

If you’re looking for a good party decor idea, consider putting up a wedding backdrop stand. You’ll be surprised how a simple ceremony backdrop can add a touch of glamor to your party. 

There are so many ways to set up a wedding backdrop to magically transform your wedding party. You’ll want to determine what backdrop idea suits your style to pin down your top choices. 

Here are our top affordable wedding decor ideas for your event backdrop displays whether indoors or outdoors:

Geometric Arch Backdrop

A unique backdrop for your big wedding day, geometric arch backdrops offer a clean yet modern look. You can be sure to draw attention to your “I do’s” with this arch that creates an elegant frame around the bride and groom. You can attach drapes around the arch for indoor weddings. You can also leave out the drapes and place the arch to frame a nice landscape view when outdoors. 

Round Wedding Arch Backdrop

These types of backdrops are perfect for rustic weddings or boho-chic inspired ceremonies. Decorate your round arch with some florals and pair it with some drapes that you can tie. Pair with signages, fairy lights and candles for an elevated look. 

wedding flower wall

You can never go wrong with flowers on your wedding day. You can set up a wedding flower wall, perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Fill up your backdrop with faux florals and get a fresh background all day. You can also use this for photo booth backdrops.

4. Square Arches

square wedding arch

If you’re going for a minimalist look, you can opt for square arches coated with rich metallic colors like copper or bronze. Pair it with florals on its corners and some candles on the ground for a simple yet classy look.

5. Layered Arch Backdrops

layered arch

If you want some depth on your wedding backdrop set up consider using different colors and sizes of arches. You can have these in various shades of your wedding color paired with florals at the bottom or wrapped around the arch. These are unique wedding backdrop décor that your guest will surely love.

How to decorate a wedding arch? 

floral wedding arch

When you’ve chosen from our top wedding arch inspo ideas, get ready to set up your wedding arch backdrop. Here’s our simple step-by-step guide to making a magical stage out of your metal backdrop stand.

Setting-up a Wedding Geometric Arch Backdrop Frame Stand

For our Geometric Arch Backdrop Frame Stand, we’ll need the following parts: 

Outer Frame Parts

  • 2x base stands
  • 2x upright bars with connector ends
  • 2 interlocking uprights
  • 2x long horizontal bars

Inner Frame Parts

  • 2x large vertical bars
  • 2x small horizontal bars
  • 3x small vertical bars


  • Small and large hex key
  • 8 large screws
  • 6  small screws
  • 2 medium replacement screws

We’ll assemble the arch in two parts, the inner frame and outer frame.

  • Begin by removing the screws on the base stand
  • Then attach the upright bar with the connecting end using the screws that were removed
  • Tighten with the hex key and repeat with the other base
  • Now we’ll connect the bases using the horizontal bar that has two openings
  • Remove the screws at the end of the bar, then connect the frame using the screws.
  • Repeat with the other base
  • Now we’ll add the interlocking upright to complete the sides of the frame
  • Secure in place using two small screws
  • Repeat with the other side
  • We’ll complete the top of the frame using the horizontal bar with the middle opening. 
  • Remove the screws on the ends and attach them to both of the upright bars
  • You can use a ladder or you can place the frame on the floor

Now we'll begin building the middle frame

  • Start by attaching one of the small vertical bars to the top of the frame using a large screw
  • Now attach the other two small bars to the bottom of the frame
  • Add the horizontal bar with two openings and end screws over the bars
  • Connect using two large screws
  • Repeat the process with the middle bar at the top of the frame
  • Lastly, we’ll remove the end screws and connect all the pieces of the inner frame

When decorating your wedding backdrop arch, you can never go wrong with floral arrangements, greenery garlands, and sheer fabric. 

This modern geometric arch can also be used to display wedding signs including seating charts, welcome signs, and more. 

To elevate your wedding arch backdrop even more, you can add some LED lights and neon signs for a whimsical look. 

What are the different types of backdrops?

There are different types of backdrops you can use for your wedding. Knowing the different types will help you choose the right one for your big day or for different occasions:

Pipe and drape setspipe and drapes sets are common party décor used to create temporary walls or backdrops. It’s basically made of a pair of bases, upright metal pieces, and cross beams to support your chosen fabric drapes. This is pretty easy to set up and instantly transforms your background for any party.

Photography backdrops – these backdrops are made out of screen like material used as background for photos to capture subjects in the best way possible. 

Photography backdrops are often used for studio photographs or product photography and come in a variety of materials. You can also consider setting one up at your party if you’ve got a wedding photobooth in mind.

Metal backdrop stands - metal wedding backdrops are wedding décor used as a background to frame the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding party. These wedding backdrops come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Its metal material is durable and stable and also quite chic. 

You can have round wedding arches or rectangular ones, depending on the theme you're going for. You can also opt for grid-type wedding backdrops where you can attach florals and other wedding décor. 

What can backdrops be used for?

Depending on the backdrop style, your backdrops can be used to cover unsightly venue walls or create a photo booth area. 

Some backdrops can be used as a ceremony arch, head table backdrop or to enhance dessert tables. You can also opt to use them as wedding sign holders to welcome your guests to your venue. 

You can also use a wedding backdrop for your wedding seating chart. Your guests will have an easier time locating their seats. There are tons of diy wedding seating chart ideas. 

Wedding Arch Backdrops for Your Wedding

Wedding arch backdrops are a great way to set the tone and mood of your wedding ceremony. We talked about how you can set up your very own geometric wedding arch backdrop. You can get creative with your wedding arch backdrops. Dress it up with florals and greeneries for a natural look. 

Dress your wedding backdrops with CV Linens. Get your drapes and tablecloths in bulk and avail of huge discounts. Draw from a wide variety of wedding décor ideas from our blog, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest for more ideas. 

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