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How to Make DIY Halloween Wreath

How to Make Awesome DIY Halloween Wreath Decorations

Are you looking for a quick way to decorate your front porch for Halloween? If so, this DIY Halloween wreath idea is the answer. This project is fun and easy, that even your kids can enjoy! All you need is a round metal wreath frame and your favorite fabric in your favorite Halloween colors. You can take it a step further by incorporating linen tablecloths wholesale into your DIY Halloween wreath project.

Top Halloween wreath 2023 designs will definitely take your holidays to the next level. If you're searching for the latest Halloween wreath ideas to spruce up your home for Halloween, you've come to the right place. 

What is a wreath?

Halloween door wreaths and outdoor Halloween wreaths have become popular choices for adding a spooky touch to your home's decor during the Halloween season.

Wreaths are traditional holiday decorations that are hung on doors or walls and decorated using flowers, greeneries, and ribbons. These round arrangements of fresh or faux florals and leaves are a staple decoration in most homes.

Wreaths are simple and easy to use. These subtle decorations often symbolize gratitude and togetherness for families, especially during the holiday season. Other wreath decorations include candles, and more modern ones are decorated with LED lights and garlands as well. 

Adding backdrop lights to your wreath can create a captivating and eerie illumination that sets the perfect Halloween atmosphere. The drape support clamp can be used to securely hang your wreath outdoors, ensuring it stays in place and impresses all your Halloween visitors.

simple halloween wreath

How big should a wreath be?

For traditional scary Halloween wreaths, most traditional front door wreaths should cover two-thirds (⅔) of the width of the front door. Generally, front door sizes are 36 inches wide, so a wreath should be 24-30 inches in diameter. However, if you plan to hang them up on walls, they can be smaller or bigger in size, depending on your preference. 

There are homemade Halloween wreaths designed for tablescapes that are adjustable in size, depending on your preferences.

Some wreath designs are also meant to be used as tablescape decorations. Wreath table centerpieces are smaller in size so they don't take up a lot of space on the table, especially for sit-down dinners and small gatherings.

What are the different types of wreaths?

Christmas Wreaths

 Usually made of evergreen, pinecones, poinsettias, red ribbons, and Christmas ornaments. 

christmas wreath

Fall Wreaths

Made of leaves in autumn colors, mini pumpkins, and dry foliage. Used to decorate the door for fall, especially for Thanksgiving celebrations.

diy fall wreath

Spring Wreaths

Made of seasonal flowers and vibrant greenery.


Halloween Wreaths

A spooky twist to your traditional floral wreath arrangements.

How to make homemade wreaths?

Wreaths are easy to make. You can glue the decorations onto the wreath or intertwine them between the frames.

Fabric wreaths are a quick way to repurpose chair sashes into a diy wreath for Halloween. This wreath tutorial is a great way to repurpose event decor linens that have snags or are slightly stained.

In the context of Halloween, accessories such as backdrop lights and drape support clamps can be valuable for improving your Halloween door wreath or outdoor Halloween wreath.

DIY Candy Corn Wreath Tutorial

Here’s a sweet Halloween twist to your traditional floral wreaths that is easy to make with CV Linens chair sashes and a regular wreath frame. 

Supplies needed:

Step 1: Start by laying a yellow sash under the wreath frame, with the shiny side down.

Step 2: Next, grab a corner of the sash and pull it through the small wire ring of the wreath frame.


Step 3: Then grab the other sash corner and pull it through the middle ring.

step 3

Step 4:  Pull both ends together.

step 4

Step 5: Now pull the sash material through tight fluffing as you go. Make sure that the edges of the sashes stay the same as you pull. Continue to pull the material until the section is full.

Step 6: Repeat this until three (3) sections of the wreath are covered.

step 6

Step 7: Next, using the same technique, add two(2) orange sashes to each side of the yellow section

yellow and orange sashes

Step 8: Lastly, use the white sash to cover the remaining two(2) sections.

yellow and orange sashes

This pull-through wreath method requires cutting or gluing. By pulling the material snuggly, the fabric will stay in place.

This Halloween wreath tutorial works for ribbon wreaths, tulle wreaths, or any other fabric to match the holiday decorations. Halloween ribbon wreath is also gaining popularity as a design for apt the season.  

diy halloween wreath

That is how you make a simple yet festive Halloween wreath. Make sure to order now to receive your supplies before Halloween!

Decorate for the holidays with CV Linens!

This quick holiday wreath is a perfect porch decoration for your Halloween celebrations. You may also opt for more modern Halloween color combinations such as deep purple and pink hues, or metallic colors instead of the more traditional black, orange, and purple color combinations. Don’t forget to embellish your wreath with creepy crawly plastic spiders, skulls, black roses, or any decorations of your choice. Your wreath can be made more spooky by adding a greenery backdrop and artificial flowers.

You can take advantage of the deals of the week to acquire quality materials to complement your DIY Halloween wreath. Unlock exclusive benefits with CV Linens Rewards. Sign in to your CV Linens account, and you're automatically enrolled. Don't have an account? Create one and you're in.

To make your Halloween more memorable, you may also organize a small Halloween wreath decor competition among your guests, or simply decorate wreaths together as a bonding activity for Halloween. Serve some pumpkin spice latte and gingerbread treats while you're at it! Have a spooktacular Halloween celebration with CV Linens!

For more decor inspirations, check out our Pinterest for some DIY spooky halloween decorations.



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